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own experience as I was appointed Clinical Assistant at old Moorfields in
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and Sherwin have recently demonstrated in these cases and by the urinary
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instead of a depressing influence on the digestion and
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value in such cases that I have ventured to discuss this
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fed on corn or meal previously saturated with whiskey
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The liver undergoes from the fact of its slow impreg
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neighbors wonld rain their practice if they attempted
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or groaning in a typhoid like condition finally getting
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ward the den and giving the snake a quick twist re
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tube on the left side was largely dilated and there was
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but will not the experience of the older naea of this
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the same extent as those of giants. Dwarfs from the earliest times have
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by the pnblic authorities from two distinct sources.
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act with considerable irregularity after colectomy. The stasis in the colon for
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usual but during the afternoon complained of severe
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of the jaw up to and covering a portion of the ear and
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blood clot and packed with gauze soaked in turpentine. The haemorrhage ceased
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infectious diseases small poz measles diphtheria and croup
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bladder 194 Tuke 1. H. reform in the treatment of the insane
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are to be given wholly and exclasively to the students
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To ascertain the liability of error when two observers
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other hand others with a high metabolic index showed no thyroid enlargement
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cal Professor of the Diseases of Children in the College of Phy
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The patient took ether very badly and it was impossi
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cases sections of frozen tissues were stained with scharlach and haematoxylin
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recoverv but it gave considerable temporary relief
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Pain is much more closely allied to hunger than it is to
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for the defence of Paris and were being quartered on the
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or suspected vessels will not be detained in quarantine
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In prostatectomy cases therefore we get the practical result that there are
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vation ceased about the fifth month. She was treated
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sod ascertain the nature and extent of the disease.
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cluded by the efforts of nature whenever this is possible.
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had pain and swelling in the small joints of the left
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had been an astonishing improvement in the symptoms which had been
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The history of therapeutics shows that new remedies
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Unfavourable Results. Although chronic intestinal stasis has been studied
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has suggested itself to him that when either alcohol or
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see nowadays. Hamilton further states his preference
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accumulated in the splanchnic area caused embarrassment even failure of respiration
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sening of the resistance in the systemic circulation
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case I heard of in this neighborhood was in the house
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there is a large ecchymosis made by forceps. A very
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the safe dose of digitalis. Professor Petresco stat
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ing in the hospital she has once spit up a little blood
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plish this object and compensate the owners. A bill
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little folds and wrinkles revealed by close examination.
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superflaons and in following large numbers of cases
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tooth together with the second left lower molar were extracted carefully under an
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o clock and said she was suffering very severe pain in
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of Lister s and Friday made my first visit with bim
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breast and uterus is early and radical removal by the
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there is more change in the hair of the beard than in
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have had their family increased by the birth of triplets.
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could be done more quickly than the completion of the operation.
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epithelium. With this regressive atrophy is a diminution and in a few cases
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district gynaecological specimens which are more abundant are obtained
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cording to difierent states of the system and where
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of very tasteful organ preludes and singing of a male quar
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shonld not take place oftener than every other year.
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certain amount of conversation without speaking tube.
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and much cardiac disturbance were present. Both women
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severe that it required large doses of morphine given
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hip disease can have is with a moderately well placed


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