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quantities of gas also were passed. Her condition was

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A diagnosis of an initial syphilitic lesion was made

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appear to discharge an important function in many animals especially in the

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there were reported to the Board of Health of Boston

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from the town reservoir and has supplied water from

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in the region of the appendix pain being controlled by

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of a three per cent solution of antipyrin which is the

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this portion of the long covered with a slight fibrinous

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side under spinal anaesthesia. Catheter stitched into bladder. Sections showed

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bridge University for his efforts in behalf of school chil

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case of small pox occurred this week in a general ward

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independent of the thyroid. This is true for example

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paper the classification of Lancereaux will be adopted.

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then on duty the patient was admitted to tbe Boston

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Tarnier s in the fact that while using it axis traction at

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frankly dissociate appearances and their interpretation.

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in plaster with passive congestion amp c operation was performed. Fractured

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one hundred nor more than five hnndred dollars for each

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was a skipping of the menstruation irregular hemor

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covered and seven died within eight days afterwards.

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proof and can be easily and speedily employed by the surgeon himself without

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influence over local Boards of Health. The year just

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naso pharynx is too sensitive to make this practicable.

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adjacent structures and then invade them progressively. Adenomyomata

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the heads of such children present species of deforma

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as a means of cure is irrational and disappointing.

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squares and feel more confident of results though it

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a case of the magnitude of the one here reported not

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ence of mercurials internally and vanished. She was

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to the success or failure of over 5 000 cases of vaccina

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benefit in others while in others it seems to hasten

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but 3 out of 23 dying in all of which the valve was

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was devoted to small pox did not serve to deter us from

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terial produced in the organism during the course of

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sources our best skill. The lessons we learn there

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examination so that if a report lags the one to blame is

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ofiers the best chaDce of recovery and which is best

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separated from them by the normal process of absorption of the tooth and

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the patient inspires violently it is drawn behind the

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Further this amount of damage is suffered before the parenchymatous cells

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infarctions in both lungs. The great point of interest

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all candidates for the degree of Medicine and Surgery

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It is but fair to state that during this period he de

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When born this foetus appeared to have considerably

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if necessary. A digital examination can now be made

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ing consisted in severe characteristic pains ataxia of

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congenital varieties in an adult cannot often be made

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tiated from measles by the same negative evidence. The

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recently that of Dr. Svendsen that when the chemical

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tried on the non organic affections of the stomach.

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life. The causal factors were in the main psychogenic. The numbers are


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