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clined and he is of course to be congratulated on the
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the organisms so useful in purifying the river no longer
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propriate size denoting the various diseases. As a re
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between the fields of the alienist and chiropodist
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over a single pulley and return to the handle which the
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scrutinized and revised by colleagues of the author.
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erable amount of difficulty is experienced in over
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on the removal of mental strain or a readjustment to the circumstances of
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their means for the furtherance of such objects the
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oughly scrubbed with soap and water and then bathed in
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treated of the prostate gland is just as directly affected
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this region. Owing to the presence of infected glands
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intestine foetus. He believes the maternal visceral lesions which obviously
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siderations in favor of partial resection of the ovary.
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in the right iliac region now gives no pain and all
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On the walls are water colour drawings photographs photomicrographs and
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greatly increased pain in the occipital region not in
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tality of foreign mercenaries. The greatness of this once
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tet. Beautiful flowers covered the coffin. After the ser
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If it be admitted that the fibres of the basilar membrane possess this
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ing hypodermic injections of the solution of iodine
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generally held that gastric ulcers are associated with some toxic condition as
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cast. Care is necessary in taking the cast of the foot
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Treatment consisted in giving a drachm of hot water
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only lesion found was a greater or less haemorrhage in
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constitutes the muscle tremor reflex. Again if the animal is held vertically
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organic extracts 153 168 a case of myxcedemH 190 theintiuence
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diseases 29 cerebro spinal menlDKitis 24 whooplng ooagh 16
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consequent flooding of the blood with salts of calcium.
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muscular atrophy in two cases of anterior polio myeli
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Cycloplegics. The excessive use of atropine in the olden days is now
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case of imperfect transition of the testis operated
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six to twelve months leave in Europe. In the fourth case definite pulmonary
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duced in milk either previously to or after ingestion.
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A. large museum stored with rare and valuable specimens
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negative result was also recorded in six cases of pur
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preparations of blood. It seems to me that the great
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attacks recur every two to four weeks and are accom
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ecarlate et que Ton les tenait dans les lits formds des
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For the week endine Febrnaiy 3 in Boston acooidinf to ob
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on these topics or who wish to make remarks in the discussion
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utes sometimes a quarter of an hour sometimes half an
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for all this elegant entertainment and I got the land
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dyspepsia more or less intense is certain to follow
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A finger passed into cervix could not detect any uterine laceration some
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example the presentation of the subject of diseases of
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resulting from the recognized fragility of the red corpuscles. Now Ponfick
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disease is now reported by Dr. Gryglewicz of Jutro
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These were his last words after which he expired with
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when inoculated into animals by oral routes. That is the proposition the
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during the boring of the holes and however great the
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partially recovered and then continued in a condition
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rupted silk stitches. A rapid convalescence followed.
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condition. This will probably prove to be one of the
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being himself aware of the fact the other is the influ
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the first week seemed to be no longer affected and I
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cul de sac toward tbe left side. The patient s condi
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ation. I did not intend to oppose it because I have
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used for the last fifteen years for controlling the ab
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monwealth who shall be graduates of a legally chartered medi
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have been able I have oontinaally urned attention to
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to the Royal Infirmary grounds is occupied by the Department of Obstetrics
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conversely. In addition the percentage of urea nitrogen may be diminished
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will contaminate the peritoneum more or less on all
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such a bright image through so small a telescope. The light carrier consists
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thoroughly with Dr. Burrage s oonclnsions that as oar


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