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where free and persistent expectoration is present and
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mine the amount of deviation of the spine both in the
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successful or unsuccessful. There are many points of
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starvation will tend to produce a condition of acidosis by lessening the alkali
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daction of superfatted soaps and cleanly pastes and
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operation in advanced cases near the climacteric period.
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Male aged 25. History of polypus removed from left ear.
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increased accommodations and greater facilities is more
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years he has successfully treated his cases of whoop
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in giving mine I only strengthen and confirm yours.
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been inflamed and subsequently restored to its normal
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to destructive changes in the pharynx finally hanging
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fourth Report of the State Board of Health of Massa
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differences in results obtained by observers may be due
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Trephining in Its Ancient and Modem Aspect. By John
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up the situation to the same degree that colchicuni
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nous aa this and one fully as much so within twenty
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etc. combined with the rational and physical signs
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ness steadily progressed there was loss of control of
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Adenomyomata have been found elsewhere than in the uterus for example in
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body such as tuberculosis pneumonia broncho pneumonia typhoid and
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as an index of the effect of the cardiac lesion on the
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two directions while that imparted by the Albarran beak is only positive in
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their coarse and rapidly dangerous whereas tuberculo
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In this group the average duration of residence in the hospital was about
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criminals are of germ origin some peculiar character or
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parpotes complaint is made by the occupants that the
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light weight but a very good way to teach the child
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disease and analogous states. I shall also speak of
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aureus was cultivated from the cerebro spinal fluid on three occasions. The
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case. This occasional inaccuracy constitutes a danger to the practitioner. A
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sensitive to cold perspiring but little if at all better
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gether with the loss of the fold in the groin flattening
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preparation for the advent of menstruation the physio
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calcium but also of the total calcium of the blood.
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and Primary Enterectomy Followed by Circular Enterorrha y
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fibrinogen content amounted to 76 mgr. or nearly double the normal figure. No
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When it had become the general practice to carefully
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losis anchylosis at the expense of deformity life at
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the ovary was occupied by a cyst with bloody contents
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hospital and whose official life in most oases con
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been sentenced to seven years hard labor in the State Prison.
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Sunlight difiused through rooms clarifies and warms
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tained a nodule of cancer three centimetres in diameter
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time since his sufferings were acute and prolonged.
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that the case was certainly very obscure and not thor
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chemical laboratory fail to come up to the expecta
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them as not having been previously presented at Court.
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It doubtless has occurred to some of you that this paper
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it by Duhriug who was the first to call attention lo the
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once eighteen days twice for two to three weeks and
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mittee to be appointed by the Chair and to include the
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mortality the danger of complications and the uncertain prospect of lasting
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Autocrat of the Breakfast Table in the following bit of
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The chronic types are represented by the various forms of actinomycosis
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be developed by careful practice though hereditary and instinctive influences
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small rent in the lateral sinas near onter margin of
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without an official charge being made against him or
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from the tissues and so kept out of the urine but is
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cause entire paralysis of the bowel and obstruction
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Haemoptysis is frequent being often the earliest symp


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