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    Suffice it to say that in the American translation nothing has been

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    standing of these conditions. Another source of error or of difficulty

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    In less than two weeks he was entirely free from temperature.

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    attacks of cyanosis with complete inhibition of respiration refjuiring

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    because of the present depression. Tliey become casualties of the

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    evidence had helped to detect early or latent cancer.

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    Case 38. Female aged sixty seven years. Diagnosis hyper

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    heart clinic of a sanitarium naturally the largest number fall in

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    nounces an open competitive examination for assist

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    Jensen organism. This aberrant strain they claim agreed with the

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    egg and olive oil given separately several hours apart in increasing daily

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    the tissues of the kidney. These however have added little to

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    children. In other cases he advocates the use of local

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    The Gas Bacillus and Infectious Diarrhea in Childhood. Sylvester

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    of inflammation which seldom exceeds 1 cm. in diameter though

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    persons that the only method of controlling vice and resultant Ven

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    came a short time ago before the College it occurred

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    The following table illustrates the number of deaths following

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    of the functional type that have gradually become more severe

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    with the protoplasm disintegrated into a fine granular mass giving

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    immediately upon operation the percentage of favorable results is

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    most cases the bacteria are found in some other lesion and in the

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    the duodenum because if all scar tissue is thoroughly

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    and has in countless instances been proven as the agent of epidem

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    experimental evidence is also lacking. From a prac

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    perature was so marked that at times the temperature became sub


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