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studied and four of them were found with cartilaginous plaques in
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ends were definitely rounded. A capsule could easily be demon
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delivery by section in these cases and considers it something which is
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central nervous system except in the cerebellum and he directs
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Associated with this is a looser coimective tissue in which are
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sense of pain from consciousness. The psychology of color sensa
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doubly distilled sterile water and injecting this intravenously by the
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been in labor twenty four hours and was somewhat exhausted the
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The first comprises fifty patients seen in office and consultation
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apparently without cause and discharged bloody serum. The sinus
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Case IX 119622. Woman aged sixty years. For several
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The entire book brings out the practical side of the subject and
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able to earn their living and all of them with very
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Arrangements are being made for the annual meeting of the
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defects and erroneous interpretation is not likely to occur unless an
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prevention would be simplified because a definite diagnosis of
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troubled I will find you another to say just the con
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seen from a perusal of the case report. Owing to the interest of
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kidney shrinks works on the borderline of maximal capacity so
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systolic 110 diastolic. On the 20th 110 systolic and
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He further found that these painful areas bore a constant relation
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ary hyperplasia in the milk ducts. It is sharply differentiated from
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occasionally ocurring. The bacteriological and cytological differences
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years liad liad eleven attacks of pneumothorax. In her case there
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and others. He bought of Lucas a one third proprietary in
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considerable attention. The racial and dietetic factors cause a
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heart extended to the right 2 inches outside of the
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cent of my cases of clinically i ositive sprue. In addition to this
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is apparently an important factor while syphilis and tuberculosis are
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together with our present knowledge of the relation of ketonic
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a survey of the deaths occurring amongst infants under one
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with the pericardium. Heart impulses are readil gt felt in this area.
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anesthetic acidosis. The acid intoxication following both of these
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sanitoria and insane asylums of the country. One cannot but look
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lasting a year during which the patient was practically in perfect
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gummata or an extensive celhilar infiltration which leads to fibroid
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and the writers suggest the use of a leaf of fascia as a
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that our descendants of three centuries hence will not
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Pathological diagnosis by Dr. Jessup epulis giant cell sarcoma
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is not original but is appellate. The Council would
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This was absent in only one instance. Generally the increase in small
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nephritis without edema. Further evidence certainly is needed
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ascending flaccid paralysis irrespective of pathological findings.
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nar epithelium indicates its derivation from the gastric mucous


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