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    goitre or that cancer and Graves disease simultaneously developed in a
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    diagnosis cannot be made beforehand with certainty although the
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    by a style such as was never before seen in print and
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    but his stools still contain the pathogenic entamebas and the indin
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    festations or the disease is latent. In this class of cases they found
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    showing the proximity of uremia. Accumulating clinical observa
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    organism may cause a definite form of lobar pneumonia. Thus it is
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    and vomiting and the severest pain is localized in the temporal
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    that Dunn and Jackson have invariably found the blood pressure
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    occasionally ocurring. The bacteriological and cytological differences
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    be attacked within a few weeks after the initial lesion
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    heart and vascular lesions in negro patients under forty five years
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    that he may be a conspicuous and successful figure in the next
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    Summer will soon be with us a season when these outbreaks
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    without hope for cure but on account of the long re
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    The Toronto Branch of the Canadian National Council for Com
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    Examination on discharge from hospital Patient in good
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    osseous system and in most of them the clinical di
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    achylia would be desirable 1 as a prophylactic measure to prevent
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    ginally recommended by Rogers was small. The average sub
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    coccoids were found. When transplanted under unfavorable condi
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    accurate summary of our knowledge of the subject. Its chief
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    The abdominal and cremasteric reflexes were equal and normal.
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    This brings us to the central task of industrial hygiene which
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    in one province alone between forty and fifty thousand illegitimate
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    bacteria as to resemble balls of hair when viewed under low power
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    marked degree of it being of ominous prognostic sig
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    The patient was seen again on January 9 1915. After leaving
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    ulcerative laryngitis chronic diarrhea extensive tuberculous ostitis
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    hygiene and sex education to indicate to teachers and parents
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    shadow giving a more or less stereoscopic effect to the elevations
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    For the past four years all cases of primary anemia with neuro
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    erseers of ye Poor bring Her to His house get Dr. Overton
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    have acted on their assumptions. That is tliey have regarded the
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    occur especially as the result of unwonted exercise and this may be
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    to note that the retained nitrogen persisted after eight months
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    November 9 to December 9 with a story that seven months before
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    ship and consequently of his Fellowship. This is not
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    rhage and bronchiectasis. The chief contraindications
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    enough only 26 cases have been reported and of these 9 occurred
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    area for from one to two weeks. It is more than probable that
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    law to morrow if that were possible for the compulsory pasteuriz
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    joints in restoring function. He does not believe that
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    blood would account for the lesions in the muscles and in the nervous


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