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    lay of the first weak alternating beat Fig. 14. Sinus arrhythmia

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    nervous system in medico legal cases. This should be

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    tive Table. It will be observed the total cases reported are less

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    He includes in this article 20 cases previotisly reported by Hanunon

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    viously should not be treated alike. They differ in moral character

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    considerable number of stones which enter the ureter pass spontan

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    the lung parenchyma. The tissue at this stage has a very peculiar

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    were in some instances less pronounced in others more severe. In

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    could any etiological importance be laid to them. Diphtheroid forms

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    a confirmation of the original findings by a second Roentgen exam

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    The best chapters apart from those already mentioned are those

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    by a chill and followed by high fever violent pain and excessive

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    both of these authors maintain their own person con

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    into a belt around the inside of the tube. Later this pellicle falls

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    ritis in animals seem to indicate that chloride retention depends

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    A slight increase in the sugar concentration of both the blood and

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    cancerous mice. Control mice fed on cancer material do not contract

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    kessel tubercle bacilli in blood of the tuberculous 385

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    fection from the oral fistula. The author was first

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    true she had felt in an indefinite way that the phantom veil would

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    and expectoration blood streaked sputum loss of weight and a

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    extended in a considerably smaller ercentage. Although he

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    with the school on one hand and industry on the other.

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    tive autopsies on insane patients lesions of the pitui

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    prietary holdings. He v as appointed one of the commission

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    much discussion with reference to focal lesions and

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