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be useless and even harmful for the butterfly to remember the actions useful
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showed pure cultures of the geim used for the inocula
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or two places the pleura is slightly elevated appar
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Board of Charities the State Charities Aid Associa
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the public health by removing this source of disease
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epilepsy in men may be classed as epilepsia tarda and
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rhoea is often improved. It is also of service where
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and Mahratta names for tuberculosis are seldom used and scarcely understood
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building. On the first floor are the apartments of the
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a specially and morbidly irritable condition of the
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to the large total of acute amoebic dysentery. Many cases in India vaguely
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a blood count may prove of great value in distiDgnisb
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over Europe. He had taken a great interest in the al
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The papules on the face rapidly developed into vesicles
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The Special Committee on Surgical Shock devoted much attention to the
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young the next youngest patient being aged 8 1 years 1.
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an infectious erythema caused by a metastasis of bac
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Prof. Bobert C. Miles of the Polyclinic and Hospital of New York
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Hamburg. Recent sanitary improvements in Hamburg 677.
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We have now more than sixty commissioned Dental Officers in the Army
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everyday business transactions are largely based on indi
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wound by micro organisms. In vaccination the physi
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months before the owner could sue the veterinary surgeon for giving a sound
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right to be employed in suitable cases. For instance
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mattress sutures of catgut driven through the kidney substance with a blunt
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nothing has been passed. Has always been slightly constipated and thinks
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laxed the parts so that this explanation was at once
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the removal of all dead teeth or only those that show radiographic evidence
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Schoolhouse in view of the numerous oases of conta
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account for perverted visual and other impressions.
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Qnthgens. Ueber den Stoff wechsie eines Diabetikert verg
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and then we began to consider what we should do. At that
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Payan etherized the patient and I made an incision one
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which there is painful deglutition or a steady local
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die of consumption. She nursed her with great assidu
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We know that cases of zymotic disease are much more
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in extreme cMea extends its growth np in little colonies
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been. At a still earlier date 1877 the coroner sys
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Standlsh M. Two ca es of chancre of the eyelid with an account
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and recommends Keuster s technique. He injects into
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not overlook the wonderful recuperative power some
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ing or in the various daily affairs of life is often diffi
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whether the unrestrained acceptance of many thousand
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name is legion and many are already relegated to the
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lus and the os calcis rested upon the ground with com
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and containing neither albumen nor sugar. Since be
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During this time she was seen by Sir William Milligan. Tonsils removed
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onset and long spells of latency occasionally displayed by amoebic infection.
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urine. Dr. Mackenzie Wallis states that the diastase test was valuable in the
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upon gynecology are worth considering for a moment
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Concerning the use of forceps in induced labour complete restraint as an
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Journal of Obstetrics. In two instances he relieved
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contraction first raises blood pressure in the large arteries but in the later
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means of tubes or of gauze or of both the toxic pro
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existence they may be stored ready for ejaculation in that structure.
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where the operation bad been performed with Murphy s
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was reduced to the state of semi invalidism so much
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delivered about 11 30 p.m. being a short labor for one
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of females in health and 860 000 more than the aver
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ice. When a pond freezes over the first inch of ice


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