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the puncture of the fourth ventricle was one of hie
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The President stated that the subject of electrical
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presenting no defect in development we find the pro
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Dr. Kirk that youth was the period of greatest susceptibility the tendency thereafter
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to separate the urines from each kidney before applying the tests. For more
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it is well for us sometimes to sit down by the bed
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strongest and best plates are made of steel hammered
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was counted while the patient was in the status epi
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been 425 000 white and 880 000 red and on the second
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passed from the bladder had from the beginning been
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theory of oedema which was by no means beyond criticism.
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the inguinal region the sub peritoneal fat in extend
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ceived opinion. After the mind has given itself up lo
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an anaesthetic and in the severest cases osteotomy is
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nitrogen of the blood is regarded by some authors as a distinctive feature
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microscopic examination with staining. As an aid to
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the contagion is so far reaching so readily attacks in
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sit that in other oases it is safer and wiser to follow
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their inability to cope with the miraculous and myste
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course than before defervescence taking place at the
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also foand certain products in mixed cultures which
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beeo told so many times by physicians that such and
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to lipoidal contents can be estimated. I have come to the conclusion from
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tion of the foot by adjusting the straps or bending the
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I have met. Secondly the hernial I would avoid. Thirdly the hernia 1
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passages and which temporarily arrest the bleeding
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blood urea test for prostates and doubtful bilateral kidney disease.
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colectomy the ileum adjacent to the anastomosis is often empty the delay
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I suppose I can borrow an air pump in New York if I
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night nurse reports that there is no irregularity in her
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saliva with a lessened alkalinity of that secretion thus directly promoting
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general firm and fibrous looking and the surface was
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been confirmed with slight modifications by De Quer
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tongue and cheeks and in rare cases the special senses
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latioD colon bacilli were found in large numbers and
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structive collection of specimens of primitive trephin
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Payan etherized the patient and I made an incision one
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The Surgical Section will hold its regular monthly meeting at
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with a weight superimposed and by altering the weight and measuring the
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ening the projection of the diaphysi in the popliteal
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foot is in reality an everted foot and that whatever
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lymph glands increase of white cells should be found.
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the weakened condition of her circulation sufficient to
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ing when the immense extent of the Univers ity interests
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fouDil there are simply accidental unessential or ac
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There has been some discussion lately upon the effect of radium locally
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large and the material ia well worked up from every point
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fixed at four and no appointments shall be made to the
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There were seven or eight bed sores some large some
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best measures that experience teaches are protective.
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the international comparison of the results obtained
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antiseptic dressing such as carbolic gauze. This might
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mental pathologist with wonderful beauty of language.


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