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to the collecting tubules. Sections of the hardened

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often fatal it is particularly exposed to contusion in

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Operation Left ear radical mastoid dense mastoid with deep layer small cells

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twisting and distortion the ribs and sternum also get

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droops so far as nearly to cover the pupil when the

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outer table and diploe and reduce the inner table to a

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Supervisors have directed that their plan should be used

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dried sputa of consumptives contained living bacilli

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some of the fibres of the extensor tendon are ruptured

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these modes of treatment shall be pursued in any given

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escaped. The discharge was not of tarry consistency

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hopes of obtaining satisfactory results in my own ob

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Resolved That we gladly testify to our appreciation of his

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uterus as of seven months size foetal movements present foetal heart not

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stomach passed through the artificial opening destroyed all

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fchat must lend life to our work. Practical equipment looms large among

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that I have seen many of these cases where they were

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multiparae. Eclampsia is commoner in strong muscular women than in fragile

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Between these two groups lie many cases with normal blood ureas and low

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Ho other persons than those residing there at the time will

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that the invasion has taken place through the perineurium where the latter

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Dr. DONELAN thought Mr. Lake was to be congratulated on applying the principle

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of future cases and now that attention has been at

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With the Brown Sequard elixir though they tried resusci

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spermatozoa and nuclear changes. I have also examined a number of his

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should be added another classification to these two. In lt

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There have never been any signs pointing to cardiac

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has followed an operation. The deaths that have occurred have resulted from

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those whose age was over 40 the interstitial cells contained pigment. In

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thirty day tickets can be had over various lines for but little

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which certainly was never far from their consciousness and get them to see

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pleura were due to streptococci coming from the throat

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been cysticerci and mentions the fact that Hebra de

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those in which the older historians delight to sum up

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unfortunately we have to admit that many cases which appear similar fail to

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of a man of his highly respectable position. In the

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cal brethren and toward bis patients all of which we shall

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At the present time the transplanted tendon is functioning as a voluntary

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in the two are by no means the same in their results

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exerted by one hand if at all. The mistake was com

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thickened. The appendix was excised about three six

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LiEUT. Thomas S. Bratton assistant surgeon at Fort Nio

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of fact a valvular lesion in itself gives rise to no un

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were present alone or associated in seventy one cases

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the number of corpuscles was about the same as at the

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Practically from a therapeutic standpoint we do not

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established clinics both in Germany and in America.

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Men women and children especially children who are suffering from early

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rapidly increasing number of fever patients recently

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