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find that disease of the tarsus is of very frequent

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Transactions of the American Orthopedic Amoclation Seventb

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The effect of the gymnastics is similar to that of the

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tion question published about 1874 which was withdrawn from circulation

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must exist between similar afflictions of the naso

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In one other case the abdominal organs were apparently

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Modern races present considerable variation as to the average stature of their

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precisely the lesions required. Congenital chorea and

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after the injury if possible so as to control bleed

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different causes that produced the cystitis in which

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side which the downfall of the Roman Empire the de

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Colonel Grattan in reply said he considered Mr. Max Page s suggestions were

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brain by syphilis is characterized by changes in the

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Post Graduate Medical School and Hospital etc. Containing

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published in which the partial removal of the enlarged

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These cases were collected with the object of throw

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Treatment of the Diseases of the Stomach and Inteetinea. By

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acute lung diseases 683 consumption 323 diphtheria and croup

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sponding to definite positions of the magnet in relation to its head.

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factory work in the time it is always possible to pro

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A Report on the Treatment of Ten Cases of Kala azar by Sodium

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any rise of temperature more than one or two degrees

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In the small intestine also there are ulcers of the same

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novels and volumes of travel in South America. His prin

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the layer as thin as possible. The cover glasses should

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of hernial sacs was examined for bacteria. Of seven

minor tranquilizers such as valium and xanax are classified as

mittee to be appointed by the Chair and to include the

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the specific virus contained in the excretions of a typhoid fever

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acute miliary tuberculosis was found post mortem. These were cases of

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rather than diminished by the use of the microscope.

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ide of Lime in 1 irs. Instruments in cases Butchers

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about as large as a foetal head. The patient had pre

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have had as indicating localized cerebral disease. This

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under general hygienic and dietetic restraints and in

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two and one half feet wide by six feet in length. This

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tended coil of intestine fastened it to the groin and

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room. After the keeper was rescued he was discharged

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absolute rest to the joint with tonic treatment and

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not intra articular and also many abscesses supposed

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dioxide tension and the low hydrogen ion concentration in the young explain

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This book is emphatically what its subtitle states it

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from the University of Havana stndied dentistry in Philadel

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lavishness. Visiting doctors both English and Ameri

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stools are formed these are few a condition so often observed in intestinal

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treatise aud the excellent illustrations add much to its

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dus. On palpation the fundns was tonically firm and

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plied over the tracts of the large nerves with firm

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veals the fact that the earth in the immediate vicinity

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The death rates ranged from 11.2 in Halifaz to 40.3 in Plym

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in developing the so called Mechanical Medical 6ym

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yet the agencies through which it will finally be evolved

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same day. We considered it very fortunate and it did

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rises above three or four litres per day and the amount

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skin externally and extract it and having united the

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cause the author is announced as an assistant of Professor


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