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    in the blood and body fluids as a diagnostic aid in

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    rise of blood pressure after a period of rest would be explained by

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    appendicitis may result from streptococcal invasion through the

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    says The evacuation of septic thrombi from the jugular vein in

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    follow all tend to carry bacteria from above downward and outward.

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    Medical School Department of Neuropathology particularly change. He was still somewhat irrele

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    nineteen sublieadings the diseases and injuries of the newborn

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    by transfusion. In the fourth case the leukemia was of the chronic

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    particularly those finely bred stock seem very responsive to kind

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    large sized dose of castor oil without any unneces

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    presenting indefinite or transitory symptoms referable to the central

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    in pulse rate and other signs of cardiac weakness during attacks.

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    but splotches of light and darkness. These in turn it learns to

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    and the investigation was undertaken to determine whether it was

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    I phthalein test of Boas is useful and practical and that

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    The danger of adhesions from this source is well shown in Case

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    ing the clamping of the pedicle of the heart and the

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    the often very inept and very iniquitous dispensation

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    anomalies have a common cause and it is quite possible that this is

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    Fatholof ical Fi7i Ungs. Of 6 cases dying at the Iassachusetts

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    tive officer. He may direct any executive officer or

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    the statement that cavernous angiomata and telangiectatic tumors

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    tion of said period of seven days. Reasonable expenses incurred

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    work it should receive the support and recognition by

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    second operation I planned to ligate the portal vein to cut the vein

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    theless it seemed to me not unreasonable that such a murmur

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    the colonial dav n. Anxious hours were no doubt spent


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