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litic eruption upon the face of a waiter at an adjoining table. The

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description of the caloric method of estimating the value of diets

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Case IV. The case illustrates a sudden onset resembling pneu

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The Medical Officer of Health of Jarrow England reviews the

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syphilis whether in the patient or in some other member of the

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of recurring acute infections. This is the type of chronic kidney

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right to assume the existence of territorial regula

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of formation and recurrent attacks of these infective processes give

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cases of esophageal cancer minute bits of tissue containing nests

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against toxins and bacteria in the production of antibodies against

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In this case permanent injury may have resulted from failure

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Oliver who also used rabbits makes the foUownig statement

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or teacher is most important at this and all subsequent stages. The

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This was the ojieration performed in three of the cases reported

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visited Calgary where the work is expanding to such an extent that

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ward shows sugar it will generally mean that he has l roken his

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ciated conditions allecting the mortality says that the first elforts

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by the 1.1 1. f n the mitral the insertion points of

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Instances of compression of the common carotids for epilepsy are

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forms of outlet and express themselves in activities constructive

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In cases where fever develops during lal or the use of pituitary extract

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did not involve the femur above the lesser trochanter


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