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any one could easily have found and the character of
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viously falls everywhere. Exposed tissues are now blanched an incision does
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which are swollen and granular and the lymph sheaths
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Pasteur the rabbit septicaemia of Koch and Gaffky the
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been done in the 20 s. Since then he has found it was
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cases acute articular rheumatism in 7 cases chronic
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Lethe. But after a subsequent consultation with Dr.
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continuous suture was used to approximate the perito
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address B ac and age of everjr person suffering from tubei
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and other writers have referred to the efficacy of per
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was entirely conformable to the germ carbohydrate stagnation theory of caries such a
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be derived from the knowledge of his long and useful life
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syphilitic but assuming that one half the others were
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They assert that it is of the utmost importance to those
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serum containing fiakes of fibrin. Both cavities free
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for social reasons they stand in less need of insurance
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processes being lowest in the dolichocephalic crania and highest in the
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rather difficult to maintain a clear cut distinction between a parenchymatous
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sclerotic degeneration of the auditory nucleus and nerve stem.
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Dr. BEDFORD Pierce President said he was deeply impressed by Dr. Helen
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watched the progress of intestinal vesical and other
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of photographs and enlargements of certain diagrams which appeared in the
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of illness. In pneumonia on the other hand the rise of temperature occurred
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the fraudulent cry of Labor against Capital instead of
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sod ascertain the nature and extent of the disease.
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Patient shortly afterwards lost sight of owing to the war. In January of
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examination with an oil immersion lens showed that the heads of the
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cercariae known and they are easily verified in any particular cercaria without
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may deprive me of the pleasure of giving some light to
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X ray treatment showed persistence of a high metabolic rate in corres
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On the Morphology of certain Developmental Structures
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the cause of recovery was obscure the third thirty four cases in which
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somewhat coarse watered silk appearance can be seen. If this appearance is
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look like cockerels and behave like cockerels. The fact that castration in early
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easily in these pelvic troubles a wrong diagnosis may
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no odor from pure cultures of certain septic bacteria
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ganized a great academic body complete in its nnitv and
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increased urea output is a true expression of increased functional activity
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tion of the action of injections of organic extracts is
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rectum and established a permanent colostomy. Yeomans of New York
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thing to be feared is sepsis from retained secretions
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fancy being restrained the practical aspect of the sub
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likely to furnish the combustible material for a future
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suggested that the disease was not simply primary sar
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day after exposure is of longer duration disappears
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second Tuesday of November and such additional meetings St
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the subject of tabes and in the succeeding volume of the Transactions he
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showed that the assortment of desks and chairs in re
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common scarlatina 2 the fact that careful observers
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tion whether the disease is lengthening or shortening
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individual muscular fibres. In the mostaffected places
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first and probably at the time of birth. The artificial
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any requirements and always watching for a favourable opportunity to move
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cases. I have been working with Dr. Mackenzie Wallis and we agreed to
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patient. It has been resorted to in chronic endometri
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clot by dividing lower attachment of sternomastoid but found impossible.
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varied from 76 to 90. At noon the breathing was still
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Qoanuitine Period 14 days from last exposnre to infection
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membrane and sewing the freshened surfaces together.
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the toxic symptoms developed. The conclusions arrived at are l that the
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infectious aiseases small pox measles diphtheria and croup


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