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    The fever of acute pleurisy is of remittent type with exacerba
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    in many important ways on the problems of treatment. Except
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    tion of the mature tissues separate paragraphs are devoted to
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    hyperesthesia and hyperalgesia. Examination of the cardiovascular
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    Sjmial Cord. Sections from the lumbar dorsal and cervical
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    all this the tendency is more and more to use transfusion not as
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    the more remote effects and value of a general reform
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    evidence that the general or focal character of the lesions depends
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    after generalized spirochetemia. They point out that the evidence
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    large trauma should be pointed out. Paget s disease of the nipple
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    to the left and its articular processes unevenly distributed from th e
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    evidences of syphilis were present. In addition to other lesions all
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    or less mixed up with the end of several very promi
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    The sulphonephenolphthalein excretion was normal during an
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    blue and eosin and hematoxylin and eosin. Those taken from
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    one heel and she has had such sores on her feet frequently. Her
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    of emetin. These results have subsequently been corroborated by
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    media or pars pylorica filling defects even though small can
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    was reported to the local board of health and to the
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    impressed particularly with the desquamation and exfoliation of
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    valve and are formed by the incomplete closure of the vitelline duct.
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    tween the Executive Council of the Canadian Association for the
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    cell had almost disappeared while the eosinophiles and lymphocytes
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    tumors may originate in the liver spleen pancreas kidney large
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    In studying the causes of sex delinquency and prostitution I
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    sclerosis mitral disease and possil l Jraham Steell murnuir. In
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    Editorial Department should be sent to the Editor of the Boston


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