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eminence produces no result. Sensation absolutely normal.

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radius and ulna quite close to the wrist joint using

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the only remaining portion of the original Medical School.

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foul and loaded tongue tenderness in the epigastric

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was to have met in Paris during the last week in Janu

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the resection of the diseaseid parts by two incisions

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April 22 1920 Colostomy followed by perineal excision of rectum.

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ness and all social life are at a complete standstill and

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in Brooklyn on Tuesday May 22 1894. All Fellows desiring

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Societies. American Cllmatological Association 629 660 American

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intended opening with their ends in opposite directions

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November 11 Comfortable. Cerebro spinal fluid coming away freely. Facial

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a series of disasters emanating from the German school after the performance

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The following is a translation of this earliest account of pellagra in

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method of conducting the observation from the punct

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the past week a sneak thief has been plying his trade

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ovaries with their various disorders are constantly

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cotton tightly on the end of a piece of stiff wire five

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health authorities and the daily mortality of the city

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yielded a positive Wassermann reaction two were myopic one was aphakic

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just above the fissure of Sylvius. There is also an

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ble for the ventral hernia and for the risk to life that

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mobility of the threshold and in azotaemic nephritis the power of concentra

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apparatus as this one a vessel of water aspirit lamp

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Klllott tJ. W. Cases of extra uterine pregnancy with operations

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suffering from eclampsia. His investigations lead him

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on the arrival of the ambulance gave none of the or

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interest in regard to which these cases are too recent

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A Note on the Resonating System in the Cochlea with

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University it actually erects one of those colleges

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and though sugar is present it is not in large quantities.

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ard of medical education will have a favorable effect.

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three has lately had her ovaries removed and is now

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case they persisted about six weeks in another about

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pupils were ill. Upon inquiry among the evangelical

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veals crossed eyes near sightedness irregular teeth or

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has been impossible however to define with any exactness which gland is at

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agMoat operation in these cases and that is the possi

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diseases and to a more intelligent control of the gen

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nent in the third the patient was too much exhausted

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with the transversalis fascia were divided. An aspira

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and supplying them with the necessary materials with

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side checked by the noise machine and other tests there was however

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I have demonstrated satisfactorily an acute mechanical

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in the economy profoundly influencing the nutrition of

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snlttirea from the peritoneum and from the other or

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cise had no effect in increasiug iL One of them had

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late Dr. afterwards Sir George Buchanan in the Eighth Eeport of the Medical

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the vertical and horizontal canals on the left side however they were

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practically transparent and thus allows the transmission of light through it

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a new cottage was built especially for the maternity

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ulty and friends of the school to raise a building fund

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dern 8 show the close relationship of the members of this

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phia it is undoubtedly essential that the permanganate

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surface and thick purulent exudation from the bronchi.

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special regulations should be adopted to protect vats

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the Royal Arcanum. He has been a Councillor of the Massachu

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six days ending April 25th 24 cases of small pox were

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of tubercular infiltration. All of the coats of the ap

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month of foetal life. If the pulmonic obstruction occurs

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take similar precautions with respect to emigrants em


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