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teen cases of scarlet fever found streptococci alone or

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a ten pound girl with high forceps and axis traction

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on a line horizontal with the skin and in directions ra

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statements made to him by other women he considered

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induce other colleges to enter upon the same policy

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when weight is thrown upon the foot. It is also ad

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geon General must often refuse this well earned vacation

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flowing since the collapse. Sore feeling in the left

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when aglycosuric. Pancreatic function tests were negative. A skiagram showed no

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thirty six hours prior to birth of child shows consider

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diabetes polyuria rheumatoid arthritis gout and rheu

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Liver not descended below the ribs. It extended well

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bed seven weeks. From her first pregnancy until six

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change in the heart but considers it probable that an

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Resolved That in the death of Dr. Seaverns this Society

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of Chicago and was President and Secretary of the Illinois

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may be found for a considerable length of time and it

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appendix a cuff of the peritoneal coat of the appendix

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general resistance to infection being maintained and was occasionally aided

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colonel until the number of such assistant surgeons general

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the innumerable pregnancies where the liver must be

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for eight days but on December 12 she complained of severe headache and

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the nervous system than the medulla and the section

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forty five grains according to the age of the child

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punity. At what stage shall a suspected case of tuber

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intima of the artery was seen and adherent to this was a

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the muscular spasm that she is making every effort to

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practice in Assam although a large proportion of the population were immi

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main constituent varying from 70 to 80 per cent. with oxalates and phosphates

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spread. Last of all the conclusions at which we have arrived suggest the

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she is said to have shown a similar loss of hair and

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almost exclusively to the history of her case which

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had a sore throat and was put in the same room over

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of certain bacteria that do not stain Buttersack has

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insular medical services and the tropical schools of England and 3 an

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stage of the cure has arrived you can venture next to

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culous sputa or in the pus of scrofulous sores. The

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would be of the greatest value. Personally I plac lt

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fewer but electric light relatively more chemical rays

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local profession and President Kollock responded in be

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into the determination of this question as I stated

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to use the lancet for a simple elevation of the gum

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spects from surgical antisepsis. A healing by first in

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I have seen recently described a method of bringing

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socket. An equality of length of both limbs was not

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that contagion from the mild and unrecognized attacks

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lieves that for immunity certain products of the bacte

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published a dissertation on the subject in 1860. Kum

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matters of importance the investigation of which would help the patient.

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aystemic reaction. It is interesting also that in none

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The chronic types are represented by the various forms of actinomycosis

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metabolism and the clinical condition to X ray treatment of the thyroid gland.

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unless one attempts a procedure of such magnitude as to be extreme


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