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being a cyst of the right and adhesions of the left.

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of the work is devoted to the treatment. He commends

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first place to his description of the result as one

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obscure affections in which the thyroid is spoken of.

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plete the social gathering. In this author s last hook

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regular routine together with attention to the general health are all important.

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to be less than one sixteenth of a millimetre and at the

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of the gland so that all intestinal secretion is cut off

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tion in the tube for here an atrophy of the wall and

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the facts that little dependence can generally be placed

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streptococcus in the tonsils of scarlatinous patients 6

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they have left home and are prepared to stay here per

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mucosa has undergone metaplasia and the cells have assumed a squamous

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groin. The skin immediately surrounding the fistulous

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frangible there the caloric influence is strongest and

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end of one month it was very pronounced. The faradic

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considerable self indulgence in alcohol particularly

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such circumstances the vascular system is strongly

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sports. The injury consists not in a bodily separa

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recommended Deek s bismuth carbonate treatment for the relief of cases which

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we carry into the sick chambers of the more fortunate.

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ing in cases where one feels quite sure that one has

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lence. A consolidated lung is of course easily torn

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which bad been taken up at the last meeting was such

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eczematons appearances are present to however slight a

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of introducing Absolute Alcohol into the Labyrinth of Birds

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the medical arrangements laid. During the autumn of 1918 when our attacks

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secretion wherever there is diminished peristalsis


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