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previously the cirrhosed ovaries and a cyst of the broad

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rendered the next step possible the transplantation

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Pbochazba Emil assistant surgeon. To proceed to New

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overcome them. One of the special troubles was the constant unavoidable

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vocal cords were normal there was therefore no involvement of the vagus.

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bodies have been removed from the right knee are shown together with the

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of strong irritants and croton oil others did not. Dr.

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and pigmented fibrous cicatrices in both apices. The

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ing in surgical instruments. He was a trustee of the Home for

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arms always has a directly quieting influence and so

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vertebra. Very little pain is elicited on pressure.

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the alimentary canal will pass through without being

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years and are loth to give up old and tried methods

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intestinal tract with the exception of a small loop of

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bral symptoms lasts for years and never yields to anti

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dinner feeling that the meal of pork and onions would

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drainage of the meninges. Cerebro spinal fluid came away freely.

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treatment in several cases during the past year with

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seen by younger and less experienced obstetricians were often hastened to Cesarean

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venting the shrinkage in important places e.g. the cast surface and bite and

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left auricle was almost invisible. The right side of the

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infrequently amongst the out patients we constantly had difficulty in finding

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cal English equivalents betrays itself by the use of the

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classed among those of cervical occlusion or steno

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There came along a rattlesnake and bit his thumb in two

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practice can easily imagine what were our feelings

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that the adenoid hypertrophies of children sometimes

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but it may not be possible to restore the transfor

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Boston and sixty four in the Sandergarten at Jamaica

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dry and stain with Loffler s blue solution and examine

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you cau get the muscular irritability at different parts

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PBVNSTLVAiriA Statb Mkdical Socixtt. The annual meet

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The generally accepted lines of treatment I think are l Splintage 2

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perience of most obstetricians when it has been unin

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round carefully treated roots by the large proportion of infection by strepto

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Lymphatic route that links together the upper and lower portions of the urinary

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organ showed a considerable degree of acute nephritis.

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and tender but subsided without suppuration. During

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tarsal joint. In severe cases of flat foot no inversion

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tissue escaped destruction. In another case in which

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monly met with in cases usually described under the

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the Liver in the Traiti de Midecint sums up his eti

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It passes through the dialyser and by this the charac

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an excess of phospboric acid elimination. Such a case

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about to report I confess that the failure of the ap

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Based on a limited number of cases the author states

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in cretinism and myxoedema is evidence of the necessity of a functioning thyroid

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It had been stated that increasing the calcium content of the blood would


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