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tention cysts. The whole of the gland was affected.
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tended through the intestinal wall but the tissue broke
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thrown out of sight never be effaced and always stays
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sea wrack bowlders and weeds. He sailed farther past
he could not accept although the figures clearly showed that pulmonary
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Loffler bacillus or is due to some change caused by
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examiner is called to a case and cannot come to any
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greater than when the lethal result is due to ether.
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in the great Capitoline Hall read more like an epic
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afl ect the muscles of the neck so that turning the
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The Thermionic Valve of Professor J. H. Fleming a Piece of Apparatus
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published by Dr. Byers in the New Orleans Journal of
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minute carrying out of all the details of what to me
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institutions are required to see that the inmates of
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contraction is active and increasing are of little if any use. Concerning
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constantly. These conditions have a certain practical importance as the gt
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position the would be sleeper oinme t7 at lt places his
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mental confusion that is unworthy of advanced neurolo
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tism and attributed to cold or for which no other cause
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have thrust it through his own sphincter muscle yet the feat was actually
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of spermatozoa taken direct from the testis and unmixed with other secretions.
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an entire absence of any disease of the valve or of the
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The colon is therefore apparently endowed with some important functions
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Illustrative Case. European aged 25 has been several years in Ceylon. In
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was surprised that there are so many young children
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the case though the relationship between the conditiou
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peritonitis. As a consequence of this we have adhesions
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puncture through the vagina or through the abdommal
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above the symphysis pubis. Its centre corresponds with the middle line. A
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sabcDtaneouBly and a few whiffs of chloroform added
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is relieved from duty at Fort Riley Kansas and ordered to re
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seen a satisfactory instrument illustrating the movements of stretched membranes in
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were given little or no thought. Since the date men
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post nasal space with the hope of relieving the ears
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In the investigation of the value of the operations under discussion there
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abdomen was fairly rigid all over. Tenderness was present throughout but
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slowing protoplasmic activity and delaying the process of repair and he considered that
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hundred cases by Eichborst showed the occurrence of
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presented to the Society in tabular form. All eases
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to enclose the septic cervix partly served this purpose but it was doubtful
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and most agreeably informed that she could beget noth
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finger per rectum and the instrument per urethram a
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cation with open arms. It is gaining recruits and is
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other girls nevertheless and was fond of dancing in
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should be treated with gymnastic exercises and massage.
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eases iu Guy s Hospital for a series of years and has
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cause certain toxic effects as well as interfere with
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mine whose symptoms were less severe had a colectomy performed by Sir
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the other is a first volume which treats of Skin Diseases. The latter
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faradic current iu both thighs legs and feet when ap
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ties of its anatomical conformation microbes rarely
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fit of coughing the patient pulled it out and with it
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hoped that some allusion might be made to tuberculo
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it were lighter than the hair the inheritance was prob
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only because it increases unnecessarily the inherent
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Complications usually found in the East are singularly uncommon in the
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or in their ultimate distribution. The same rule holds
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