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daring a practice of forty years I have preserved suf
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lutions deluding especially the motor area were found
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medical officer. He should be a sanitarian first and a
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FiBST LisuT. RoBBBT S. WooDsoN assistant surgeon on be
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business of which shall be the collection of all sanitary
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over of all that could be done it constantly recur
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by their habitudes of thought and manner of living. It
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Lastly in the Dental Cosmos for last month Feb. 1922 Nodine quotes
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TOM assistant surgeon. Fort Niobrara Nebraska Fibst Ludt.
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that would go off on lowering the steam pressure would be useful methylated
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whatever in motion since operation some decided in
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favorable reports of other observers were not confirmed.
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is often attended by a scene patients often fainting
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tions of Dr. Greenleaf. Most of the cases he had seen
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Annual Meeting at Burlington October 10 and 11. 1896.
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authorised to employ counsel and a stenographer and
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Caloric test With cold or hot water in left ear no effect.
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A small portion of the tumour was excised per vaginam a fortnight later
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see how the limb could grow when the apper epiphjais
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just above the fissure of Sylvius. There is also an
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of the doses that the medicine be given per rectum.
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divulsion by intermittent rapid dilation say first from
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convolution. A glove drain was placed leading from this area to the lower
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position by means of the silver wire for the reason
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Incubation Period less than 24 hoars average 1 to 3 days
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The operations which I have described are comparable to the two types of
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gan a steady pleasant and lacrative position offered. Ad
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is made out within the brain itself. The base of skull
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flexion the left great toe being in addition drawn up
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large and had soon ceased. No examination of urine was made after his.
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In contrasting cases in which there has been an interval between the
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pleara over it. The hsemorrhagic infiltration extended
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evitably arise. If ovarian abnormalities existed the
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of the table in a line with the patient s umbilicus. He
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and it is from these gentlemen that I hope to receive
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tablished in so desperate a case as this in which the
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gall bladder and abscess formation aboat the stone
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disease had extended far above and below the joint
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at the request of a surgical friend an easily curable
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the electric lamp in the throat and the rhinoscope the
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physiological elongation of the round ligament can be
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He was a linguist and had travelled much in fact had
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cal College foot of Bast 88th Street New York City.
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BQpply of Bagdad that it is worthy of reproduction.
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sympathizing eye. In four of the cases the infiltrating cells were purely
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objects which they attempt to handle tremblings re
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In young children the post nasal space is very small
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albumin and casts apart from Brlgbt s disease fever or obvious
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August number of the Century Magazine of the present
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tbis speculative chaos light arose when Hippocrates
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patient was delivered within a few hours of a premature
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they sometimes contain a pink speck perhaps two or a thickening at the
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Temperstore. Sensible temperatures Harrington M W 652
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been issued. If one tithe of the pains had been taken
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the Orthopedic Hospital during the year yet be would
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tight constriction round it about 3 in. below the colostomy. I tapped the
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month of the drains which at times is very offensive
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keep at work. It is true as Dr. Watson cites from Sir


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