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and a four months foetus found in the vagina the dis
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everywhere there was a very slight fibrinous exudation.
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columns transmit sensations of pain all the facts seem
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it is opened it is better to make it of suflScient size
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tongue were bluish red and swollen and the body covered
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solution was now begun for its tonic and antimalarial
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most serviceable in purely functional cardiac fail
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acter of the case this is a very serious consideration
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on the catheterized side. Delay in the appearance of the dye is only
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Extra ocularly it may have similarly extended into Tenon s capsule and from
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In this patient owing to a misunderstanding no drainage tube was inserted
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develops in a wound as the result of its infection with
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tal Congress held in Chicago during the World s Fair.
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Anatomy. Accent progress in anatomy Dwight T. 7 468 mor
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These sockets were not plugged as there was no excessive haemorrhage following fchi
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complications inherent in a correlation of blood urea estimation with the urea
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eotopio gestation 270 a case of coueealed accidental hsemorrhsge
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involvement higher up in the deeper layers of a different histological type in
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Mr. Shattock also exhibited microscopic sections of
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Not all varieties of hyperthyroidism are associated with menorrhagia or
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none of these was there any increase so that in these
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trochanteric osteotomy right. 3 The nature of the kyphosis.
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detraction of the Testicle is occasionally noted in appendicitis. This may
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Observations upon the Action of Radium and X rays on the
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fice for the discussion of the technique of these various
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of microcystic degeneration in which the disease has
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from some of the principal diseases in 1893 were as
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by their habitudes of thought and manner of living. It
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or some of its products on the fat tissue itself. Fiu s
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been made to introduce the valuable parts of modern
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that the cases were treated for the most part in an out
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The degree of voluntary thoracic expansion is largely a matter of practice
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abdominal cavity was thoroughly protected from possi
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region and the failure of vision and other intra ocular symptoms not having
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Loring s examples of venous thrombosis especially as
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can be acquired are to be kept sharply separated. If
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assnmptioQ that the volatile compound formed if any
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the lateral sinus Or did he think it was translabyrinthine From the examination
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under my care in preference to the various colopexies recently recommended
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by the use of spectacles comparatively few pupils use
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no definite conclusions can be drawn. In some cases
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cal attendance is thought to be suffering from con
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pheric changes to which the patient is of necessity
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still proud to claim as a professional brother though he
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very active serum for treatment in the care of man.
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among rats during the voyage but could obtain no evidence of this. He
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the channels of close research and study and that the
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and a consequent twisting of the appendix as a result
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to certain affections occurring in infancy. Harm is done


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