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or over a portion of the same in one case apparently

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aimed at in preparations. An incision three inches in

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opening was made in the left loin through which two

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and I finally opened it and denuded the surface and

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gut above the cutaneous margin and fasten it there

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It is interesting to look at the matter from another

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rooms containing arsenical papers. On the other hand

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mterfered with by the prevailing financial depression.

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fulness it brings become diffused among the people

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Sense of resistance. Fain and dulness on percussion

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reported There is hardly a meeting of the Philadel


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is a subject of practical interest and some important

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as well as of those which are no longer recognized.

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Kotdma. Tuberculous disease of the elbow joint statistical.

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In obedience to the teachings of experimental work gt

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profession everywhere is enlisted in the investigation.

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Kotdma. Tuberculous disease of the elbow joint statistical.

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and attention just now though it often happens that

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line separating it from the healthy tissues. At the

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Eighteen cases treated by the latter method gave four

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of the human navel as compared with the smooth cicatrix

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interstitial cells of see Jjeydig interstitial cells

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although less conspicuous than the vesicles is also very well developed as a

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and anxiety is the formation of adhesions but this complication is common

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He had organic disease of the heart and several times

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the sac lay a small reddish mass the size of a cherry

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the menopause. I cannot say how far X rays would have still further

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Some Reasons for the Performance of Circumcision on ill

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the possibility of pressure on the brachial plexus from

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passing three sutures through the edge of the rectus

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credible did the presence of so much fever seem that she

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He is next advised to call in a sanitary engineer who

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investigate cancer of the rectum I took it for granted

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rare one is the rupture of a vessel in the cellular

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fowls. The micro organism of the latter disease was

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Whitman s Operation 2. Whitman s operation of astragalectomy with

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the jaw 201 ligation of both common carotid arteries. Gay G.

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Cullen s needle. The isthmus was cut across between the ligatures and there

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allow the fluid to remain. The injection is practically

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seemed to be the onset of the trouble coincident with

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excitation caused by an operation the tumefaction pre

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in this initial fever that antipyrin is of great ser

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to 39 was not higher than has been repeatedly found

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The quieting effect of this treatment upon each crimi

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who have had tonsillitis or some membranous aSection

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Looking at the lower molars and their sharp edges one can but speculate

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of the opening in the chest wall is smaller than that of

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it. The tension is continued and the patient is kept

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The correction goes on while the splint is applied be

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was to be frequently seen nestled in her lap or poised on

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disease the bacillus tuberculosis is an essential factor

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