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the latter class would at once govern our practice in
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few bundles of unstriped muscular fibre. Fibro myoma.
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bladder empty. Daring the preceding night the respi
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recorded by others. If the renal condition according to this observer has
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incidence of disease and racial deterioration from this cause we are left with
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the consideration of the existence of excito secretory
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be considered in each individual case. Dr. Fitz in his
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devotion to that science which was above the folly of
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operation. By pulling on each strip you can judge most accurately the width
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was observed after ansestbesia in only six cases previ
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If its possessor has been a registered physician who has
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the strangulated loop of intestine which had been re
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ples will render the real point at issue more readily
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iTMKkt it fails to explain the jaundice. Without its
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one had gross macular change probably hemorrhagic in origin and in one no
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points of silk worm gut sutures the proper needles
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the patient rests at the same time having head suspen
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When the curve and the rotation of the spine are in
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ally be found in the nature of the poison. In one case
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neck having been cleared the latter was divided and head removed. Wound
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rigidity had entirely disappeared leaving all four ex
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and severe insomnia may follow. A temporary diminution in the symptoms of
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concludes with a most interesting discussion of the Operation of
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dibrit appears in the urine in the liquid of ascites
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DO longer takes place in its cells. The corpuscular
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anajsthetics and there is little or no pain after re
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tained a very slight trace of albumen. The pulse was
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ber of bacteria always present in the large intestine.
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assigned to the charge of the olflce and duties of the medical
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Lauder Brunton British Medical Journal 1871 pp. 1 39
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forms of operation and probably such a treatment of
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much distended with urine the uterus being borne on
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Air spaces are difficult to produce accurately. The walls are liable to
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Two or three of these cases have been under the care
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anterior tubercle of the sixth cervical process and to
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to prove that many people are tuberculous and never
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Differential Diagnosis. From erythema acute and chronic There is no
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magazines in a remarkable series of letters has shown
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the diagnosis he gives the following points to be ob
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foration at the tip with a small faecal concretion under
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cal factor the so called somatic symptoms are usually
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would appear from a consideration of their cultural
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are demanded lor such conditions as malignant disease.
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allow for possible variations of the urea in the blood but unfortunately in
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February 3 well marked but the past pointing defective. Galton whistle heard
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etc. We will allow you one page to be filled with your
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its use as a drug to be used in one s consulting room.
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the two most common classes the patient belongs but
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uses an apparatus which he describes and pictures in
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not only wrong but probably founded on a false conception of the pathology
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explanations for this lack of acidity have beeu offered us.
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terrupt it for several days so that its elimination
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two be has completed the examination and there is no
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which case they were normal. The spinal cord in the
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Shakespeare are shelved while society plays and living
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dent thereof at San Francisco Cal. for the examination of
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to be that in all probability there are no true glands
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wtte Boston City Hoapltal from tlia Pathologleal Deputmant of
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Medical Corps of the Army is none too large for the neces
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ceding or following the attacks or occurring daring
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there were no glands or signs of recurrence elsewhere either in the blind
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it violently for quite a while. This was followed by a
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and particularly tactile impressions 5 that in cases
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rhoea was attributed to interference with circulation not
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An incision three inches long was made in the left in
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that the ulcers though once healed should remain so indefinitely after the


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