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thotrite and No. 23 tube would pass though with dif

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the mental cause ceases its disturbing vibrations nature

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inclined to advocate the early removal of these tumors

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tion of the chest gMping for breath and with a ghastly

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His ready assimilation of medical knowledge made him

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Wureburg died recently from diphtheria contracted in

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New York several different preparations of alleged diph

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is a well established fact that luxury brings debauchery

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The conclusion is obvious that as the decline seems almost universal and

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ful joints cratches having been discarded. It is inter

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not follow out into the tube. I believe firmly in the

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It need not be said that I received much undeserved

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MacLean has suggested Lancet June 19 1920. The necessity therefore arises

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that indeed psycho neurotic symptoms arise only from the damming up of

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be upright so that cards will stack and turn easily when

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entirely in the dark and also as to the reason of death.

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the soldiers and their families who must look to the United

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geons there occurred in January 1894 a large number

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Members of the Society desiring to read papers or to

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mastoid was more affected than the trapezius. These symptoms have now

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and one on the left. The object of this is to get the

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relationships of Arnold s nerve the facial nerve and the chorda tympani differ

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She presented an aspect of anxiety pale eyes becom

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fact that in a new country as in our West intermit

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speedily cured but in the incorrect and sensational

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and that is the use of the solid stick of silver ni

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tion as stated by Dr. Williams. This is practically

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position and to improve the general muscular condi

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which should have called attention to an affection of

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from delayed delivery. Labor was easier in the sitting

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lar insertions. After this the head of the femur could

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Head postulated that fermentation in the mouth caused an abstraction of

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the pulse. In early anemia it is of good tension but

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her in bed and an intense headache and pain tbroogh

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Psycho sexual disorders are not the only evidences Of

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right tube enlarged to the size of a lemon and contain

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some statistics in conuectiou with this subject. The

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general public hear only the radiologists side of the subject and soon patients

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by the Rev. Mr. Bassett at the house 78 Mawney street

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tremely rare and when they do occur present no well

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suffering little capable of alleviation. By this I presume he means diarrhoea

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ing bacilli in doors and out. The physician himself

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methods has its role in the treatment of this condi

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tapping of the lateral ventricles Frank 401 a case of amyotrophic

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represent the Medical Department of the Army at the Eleventh

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rare. The affected muscles present the ordinary re

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the relatively pure races the pneumatic mastoid processes on the other hand

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sible some guide to differential diagnosis. In none

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technique of operations of this sort. The mortality in

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the normal average amount of each menstrual flow is

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Eivers has already questioned the necessity for postulating this censoring agent

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could be seen perfectly and its varying changes of action

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removal of the uterus and life was endangered by the

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The Effect of Alteration in Osmotic Pressure on the Leishman

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lew T rk0flee lttlait88d Stmt. ftiotfo Offloe mitt 1115 XaMme IwaW.

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Lewin concludes from his historical researches that

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significance of variations in the human skeleton 626.

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be considered as part of the disease to be treated. It

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and later a variety of splints made in accordance with

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amount of carbohydrates in modern diet is the important factor in the


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