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tally that the course of the disease becomes a rapid

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condition was associated with a fresh elevation of the basal metabolic rate.

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then be still considered a major procedure with a con

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second similar dose is taken and then a third in an

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served for nervous patients. In his w ards are many

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Zander s principal paper on the treatment of scoliosis

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Flat sarcoma often invaded the deeper layers of the sclerotic whereas this

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prevalent amongst classes best able to afford children. Bertillon s table proved

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tality statistics drawn from published cases make the

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view of the subject. They should interrupt the patient

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aspiration effects a cure. But there is no objection

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healthy and subsequently the thrombosis was found in a distal vein. In

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nal fluid as would perhaps lacerate the brain tissue.

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and most of the corpus spongiosum the penis both testicles and scrotum the

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obtained at operations in the clinic of Professor Kocher

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where it lives when outside are still matters of con

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clear circle around the eyes free from eruption as if pro

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Unnecessary examinations are avoided although the peri

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this difference that whereas with the cautery the destruction is limited to an

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The physician who had first been consulted ascribed

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that he has had it before but ou further inquiry this

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previous to the entrance to the hospital when he had

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k very satisfactory result followed. I was surprised

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swollen his skin was bronzed his nasal respiration was

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and myself ccuuted eight cousecative cases with care

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for one part of the testis may show active spermatogenesis another not and

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ulcers with sharply circumscribed edges and perfectly

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ence supports the classic belief that pregnant women

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far more effective and reliable than iodoform. Or if

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purpose we have found this combination peculiarly suited.

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duty at Fort Monroe Virginia and will retnrn to bis proper

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of so called urethral fever following operation on blad

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defeeatlng In the water and washing their anl also nrinating. T.

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gestation of about the third month of pregnancy. The cranial bones vertebrae

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others where there was no bad odor there was so much

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Designed to supersede plaster leather wood felt and the various iron braces.

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they may be opened with a fine knife and when large

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current will flow through the telephone receiver. The sound waves control the

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lated with tubercle bacilli in the abdominal cavity. Of

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be very careful about the diet and exercise of such

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system is fully understood it will prove satisfactory to

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munity from the disease although this last time re

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a patient had a meningitis from infection through the labyrinth i.e. labyrinthitis and

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of strychinia poisoning but the mental condition is

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ciuis at all the arsenal posts in the country these being

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lurprised at however when we consider the proximity

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were thickened and near the junction of the appendix

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The reason for the absence of acquired syphilis in dementia praecox cases

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clinical experience which shows that a large propor

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The difficulty to discriminate between varicella vari

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logical laboratory so that it is in the power of the

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fever and presumably blood clot absorption namely a


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