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Lecturer Upon and Demonstrator of Anatomy Long Island

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that after a partial extirpation of the pancreas a dia

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of all will be the prestige that your connection with such

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lame time the eruption making its appearance on both the

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who can produce children allowing for infantile mortality those who never

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definition of the tumor that presented in the abilomeu

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ity of the vagus or an atonic condition of the medullary

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Garrigue says that our girls are over educated and es

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Malignant Disease of Temporal Bone with Involvement of Cranial Nerve 55

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and regulation. It was inevitable also that the crea

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of the struggling person was compressed by a girdle

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to a local extension of the organism with the produc

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sense of resistance. Dr. Payan introduced a needle

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burg s tincture which had been tried at the beginning

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the tumor untouched however means gradually increas lt

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She is able to attend school and is much improved in

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fected. They are much less united in their treatment

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that the present statistics give an erroneous impression

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in the occipital lobe that the angular gyrus has nothing

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osteomalacia on the other hand there is a definite demineralization of the

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the Star gives the following report of an interview

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ere. I can only say that in her case I believe that

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blotting paper. The cavity resulting from evacuation of clot was explored

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which we believe the ordinary dental cyst connected with a septic permanent

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Schweineseuche of Schutz the Buffelseuche of Oreste

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ent so that the orifice had been converted into a narrow

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distinct pathological lesion often found in Auerbach s plexus ranging from

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Front. On the nature and treatment of stomach and urinary

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By direction of the President the retirement from active

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subject. Post nasal hypertrophies are without doubt

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died two years ago at the age of sixty six years after

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tr Advertisements inserted on the most liberal terms. All

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Walking working not painful. Dates trouble from last

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ureters kidneys stomach intestines and rectum in their appropriate relations

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Or. Green found paralent otitis with perforation in

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caused by the death of a friend under similar circum

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the pleura covering the affected portion of the lung to

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patient s chest to prevent his seeing the operation

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posiUon of the foot are weakened whenever the super

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for permitting me to report a case from their services

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Diagnosis of dermoid cyst of the rectum was made and the patient was

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its height to see if it is generally contracted and

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arsenical papers may at timet be due to the inhalation

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to the pathology of the litheemic or gouty diathesis.

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minutes after the onset of the attack. The patient a

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Free flexion and good abduction right side. Flexion to right angle of left

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primary implantation of the ovum occurred on the pelvic peritoneum that it

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siological Chemistry of Digestion. London and New Ton

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ployed it in six cases in all of which the cephalal

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bly she is merely licking her offspring. The ripples that

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the last meeting for at that time be was speaking of

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of which would be spoken of as the stream of consciousness.

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thought was to have a small bit of thin paper of par

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observers to negative Barany s hypothesis in connexion with localization of arm and

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washed out with a five per cent carbolic acid solution.

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generalized degeneration of the tubules and fibrosis of the interstitial tissue.

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tending physician. This was unprofessional and should

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credit in the case by simply telling him bis real condi

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sheet of paper. At the head of the sheet was printed

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reverse. The blood did antieipcttt it so that this case

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moval is essential for the success of the experiment

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symptoms may disappear with the performance of the mastoid operation.

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oles dae to the emotion hypertension of the arteri

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