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Papers for publication and all other communications for the
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aspirating the air contained in the ventricle after
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by the citrate method three weeks after the first transfusion.
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all almost paralyzes expression. I met at Maastricht
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cate to that of arbitrator and the fact that neither party can afford
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with degenerated epithelial cells with enormous collections of
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IV. Fibrosis atrophy of lymphoid elements masking of charac
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All such procedures however should be entered upon most
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tenets of traditional beliefs will oppose these hjpothei es even
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day. No reference is found in the record of positive or negative
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view of certain definite objections to the vaccine treatment with
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very variable. In other words I do not believe that
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retained and specimens removed at fifteen minute intervals. In
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of no infection gave a positive luetin test another is stated to have
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diagnostic talk by Dr. Mix. This assumed monographic pro
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of choice. For large transfusions many will prefer the Unger method.
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is the principal proper vaccines. Pneumococcic vaccine either as stock
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observing either in the hospital or in private practice. These trans
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bonate to overcome the coma of diabetes and uremia. The
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radicles of the portal vein contain parietal blood platelet thrombi.
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of their Bibles was well thumbed. The Indians were as the
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and j athology of the nuiscles nerves and centres. We miss some
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necessary caution against strophanthin in a patient who has been
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discussed Diagnosis of Pulmonary Tuberculosis Differential
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it is that it completely ignores the great improvement following
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denal ulcer and in 9 to adhesions. There were 4 cases in whicli
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possible that the proposed legislation which is only
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were tested in the incipient stage gave a positive reaction although
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Aside from the typhoid fever cases discussed above under hem
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be considered are 1 the establishment of a definite clinical history
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seen May 8 1915 and gave the following history About one
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older who had herself been a mother. Oftentimes perhaps
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per cent were females against 36 per cent males and this is in
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cicatrix and that the obHquit of the parietal wounds explained
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showed infiltrated pigmented spots corresponding to involuted
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only and in the other scattered all over. In the other 8 cases
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pital 1471 was an illiterate Sicilian 27 years old
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The average business man looks upon payment of staff with great
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intoxication and the craving for this and other stimulants. The
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are cases of migraine with opthalmoplegia rather than ophthalmo
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first an initial fast sufficient to clear up glycosuria in any case
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junction with a gaping pylorus achylia and clinical indices they
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possibilities of cure bv a radical abdominal opera
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of others in authority to the fact that while the un
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test diet show strikingly a tendency to fixation in the concentration


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