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    exceptions all agree that the test is specific for lues as specific in

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    serous. is not borne out by case records. There is a

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    gland but there are no chronic disorders of these organs except hydro

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    corresi nds to the extent of interference in the formative period.

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    li er was evenTN here studded with carcinomatous nodules in

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    Case 32. Female aged forty four years. Diagnosis hyper

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    Defective Ocul. r Movements and their Diagnosis. By

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    lost this accounting for the results obtained at the

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    sults are confirmed by a later series of cases they

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    clear light upon the precise localization of the disease or its extent

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    would have to be strangely blind if he did not think

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    contradistinction from ataxia of the proximal muscles of the upper

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    dosage did not go above 150 000 000. Excepting a few transi

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    it could produce the retrod ispl a cement of a previously normal

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    injections. There is no proof to this effect except as previously

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    up and became so serious that Buffalo and other ad

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    should take a rest. He went for a short water trip

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    treatment by means of mercurial inunctions biniodide and KI to

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    former at irregular intervals during the first few days. Pain on

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    the child s welfare is dependent upon the intelligence of its care

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    sputum. The symptoms gradually disappeared as the temperature

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    of si lecns found by palpation alone by us as compared with the

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    Let him report by telephone or laboratory specimen if he likes.

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    practitioners who will know how to diagnos the dis

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    believe that if all are removed and the gall passages

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    eastern part of the state and it would seem as though

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    are normal. leneral.sensibility is normal and there is no weak

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    by all people who have had of them in Great Britain and

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    and taken either broiled or boiled. Fish mainly the white

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    covered by the wall of the stomach. Unless adherent to the stomach

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    into the empty rectum one half hour before operation. A preliminary hypodermic

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    only a theoretical or at most a purely scientific significance were

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    Editorial Department should be addressed to the Editor. All order

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