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of observation varied between forty four and fourteen days. In

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effective isolation is in the hospital but it is expensive costing at

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lesion and the condition was more marked in the left upper lobe than

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stimulus conduction. These results were the same as those ob

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This last author investigated 60 cases of recent syphilis and was

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entirely satisfactory in 34 males and 31 females that is in 65

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aware of the fact that in times of disturbance there appear num

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two years have been years of depression and doubt. Money has

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from overfeeding of some food element or errors in feeding and the

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drip o per cent glucose begun one hour after returning to ward

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in deep effusions and feebly present in others a physical sign of

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Ix the number of the Archives of Internal Medicine for August

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cases is of course too small to justify the conclusion that this

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delicate than the blood Wassermann reaction the spi

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Remittances should be made by money order draft or registered

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per cent. acetic or hydrochloric i lt id to live fourths or

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film from her eyes wrife with a free and fearless hand the laws

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in the family. He denies any venereal infection and is the father

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from the urine may be normal or nearly so. These authors claim

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uremia excretory values are minimal and possess the gravest

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lems of our times that offer reasons or arguments for sex education

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the pressure of work limits the service to the comparatively poor.

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All of w hich achieved will make a long story. And the achieving

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surgery when such an advanced stage of the disease has been reached.

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to continue in its use particularly in toxic cases.

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ally and its excess transformed into other channels of pleasurable

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than any other author either before or since his time to splenic

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the first twenty five years cr so from the arrival of the Kent.

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small intestine Bland Sutton presents a general de

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as the nephritis heals with this essential difference that whereas

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millary line with enlarged left liver lobe 3 1 2 inches

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The urine contained a moderate amount of indican otherwise was

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of the coagulation time in the blood of epileptics.

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the surface of the cerebral hemispheres. He therefore regards it

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bacillus coli. The fat content does not determine the

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sented it is of value nevertheless to have aroused discussion and

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spleen was enlarged there was definite involvement of the nervous

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I have seen in clinic one typical case of paralysis

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immune to measles or when they are infected the disease appears in a

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method of procedure might tend to minimize the value of the per

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you want him to report. Name residence and disease are enough.


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