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To obtain soldiers sailors or airmen best fitted for the warfare of the

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complete anorexia. No relief followed the taking of hot

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calling in transcendental or supernatural agencies.

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tain conditions in the practice of minor gynseoology

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recent series to which I referred as having been just

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results now communicated appear further to point to the conclusion that rats

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tion of the cord also favored exhaustion of the mother

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late and it is so prominently before the profession

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in whatever position the child puts its back. Yon must

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same side with a view of cutting o E the entire arterial

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modes in which yon can elicit pain. One is brutal and

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ary 3 1894. The parts about the c lt Bcnm were exten

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devoted to that important branch of hospital care of the

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designated Fibst Libut. William W. Qdintom assistant

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pancreatitis are very frequently associated with an

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point of view. Had I the time and qualifications need

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Fully two thirds of the lower lobe is completely solid.

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efficiency of turpentine as a local haemostatic was severe and that the drug

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some obscure induration could be felt in the neigh

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During the last eight months I have been making observations on the

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generally to provide for the requisite skill and care being

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frequently united together to form hyaline masses and

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The second subdivision of this group contains twenty patients and in these

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measure from receiving the consideration it fairly de

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to the margins of the wound with three fine silk stitches

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yet their strncture does not necessarily change to that

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and affording protection reckoned even by billions is

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of the party contained from 0.1 per cent to 0.25 per

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and the patient is advised to lie down and keep very

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rated headings so that a particular affection is readily

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He had been resident in China five years Japan eighteen Eastern Siberia

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disability is hereby granted to Major Edward B. Mosklst

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nail biting has been olwerved to be general whosb head

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lated blood contained within it the walls of the cavity

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to occur in but over thirty of the crew of the British

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suggested that the disease was not simply primary sar

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W. H. Jonbs medical inspector ordered before the Betiring

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acute pancreatitis gives sixteen cases which he has

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about apart from an injury should still be described as shock and whether

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so far the resnlt has been but little satisfactory ought

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mixes with the liquid already present and repeated introduction of paste will

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when considering an operation on the other and in estimating the power of

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mals and especially the domestic cat as carriers of in

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diagnosis is determined principally by the operation.

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agent of this class but while serviceable in simple

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it is rather troublesome work keeping the holes clear and fitting the staples.

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rent to the parieties and glued together with purulent

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and it seemed to Dr. Green that the aggravated nsuses


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