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In tabulating in order to avoid the easy pitfall of making the case

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of syphilis and is a very helpful suj plement to the Wassermann

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of arsphenamin or neoarsphenamin should be small and in hepatic

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by the use of alcohol mentally deficient with atyp

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tion includes all organized effort both in and outside of schools

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The writer speaks authoritatively of pellagra as Secretary of

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Aside from these cases it is possible that a peculiar form of

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operation have been liberally supplied on special plates. And in

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really cured infections from those which are simply quiescent.

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In studying 214 consecutive surgical patients in Dr. John B

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definite significance can be attached to it. It does indicate however

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newest methods of staining. The arrangement of the book is

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OuTLixEs OF Internal Iedicine. For the Use of Nurses.

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authors have attempted to reproduce experimentally. They reason

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is entirely obscure. No donbt in a certain proportion of cases

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larger diazo strongly positive blood culture negative. Numerous

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arterioles are contracted the cyanotic type of congestion occurs

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cized by his confreres for his radical measures in the

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of tuberculosis. Only those who have tried to do laboratory work


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