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curred in a farm house about 200 feet from the spring
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associated with pericarditis from the pericardial exudate
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First Avenue a negress by the name of Sullivan at the
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After either of these operations owing to the disturb
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and procedures for disease and damage to the intestine
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cases or that it acts indirectly by exerting a psychical
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originally intended that one such school should be established in each command
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of medical progress in the last half century. Prophy
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ineum neither does a set of outside sutures however
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celled sarcoma with a slightly alveolar formation. Within three months of
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under my care in preference to the various colopexies recently recommended
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replacement with a root filling that will neither irritate the living parts nor
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superior spine much more obvious. Hip was flexed but there was limitation
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ent time two months after the appearance of the pa
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The abdomen was now considerably distended and tym
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Or by renal function tests. No ketonuria was demonstrated. The systolic blood
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it and apparently adherent. The right ovary was en
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by the presence of a small firm adenoid. I have also
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at Cairo informed him that he had never seen a case
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cians and surgeons of the hospital who have given me
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occasion to search for similar effective remedies in
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Dkakb C. Howabd assistant surgeon. Fort Bnford North
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more than five days. The third series relates to pre
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fection Infectious Outbreaks in Schools Isolation at
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proportionally. In one case of multiple sarcoma of the
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Referring to the causes responsible for the six deaths following total
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which she fainted twice. The pain continued and grew worse she became
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persons shall be used for vivisection and then executed
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passes is flattened and tape like but that he is not
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are the deformities produced in the cervical vertebrae
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the cervix uteri into the bladder and so finally lead
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criticism and admitting frankly at once that any such
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tham. The immobility resulted in some alleviation of
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others with a normal quantity of blood urea the figure is low.
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four or thirty six hours when it began to have con
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with forest growth. The cellar of one of the buildings
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I asked the etherizer to get along with as little ether
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the preservation of motility iu the same area. This
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disturbs the natural equilibrium of the forces of the
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the same as we are now finding in the West and that
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tremor slowness or clumsiness in speech or a slightly
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this three yards of tape neither of the ligatures was
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larger child if the tonsils are very large narrowing
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out of the act passed last year which conferred ex
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in the investigation of psycho neurotic persons. A great deal that passes for
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from local treatment to which I can point is the fuller
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been operated upon prior to the adoptiou of Wolff s
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family tendency to cancer. She has always been well
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due to Pott s disease the results have been brilliant.
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it is rather troublesome work keeping the holes clear and fitting the staples.
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In some instances it is necessary that the plaster cast
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family history and social relations before directing
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methods the simpler the procedure the more helpful is it likely to prove.
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haematocele into that which is in the cavum peritoneale
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thigh and other smaller lipomata previously. I transfixed and removed the


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