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the Section will be published when the programme of the meet
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epithelial cells and are closely approximated. This is due to the almost complete
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to the presence of diphtheria bacilli. The fever dis
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from obstruction of the mesenteric artery is an ex
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the syndrome of labio glosso laryugeal paralysis was
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While upon this subject it may interest your readers to
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attacks had occurred in the same person after puberty
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which are probably sporocystic residual material. When mature the oocyst
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the increase and this increase is not due alone to the
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lends some support to Nothnagel s theory of a vaso
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These cases certainly indicate a much earlier oper
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the periosteum as it affords better hold. The nail is
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latter might conceivably be indirectly conveyed into
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that the wealthy New Yorkers revel in a luxuriousness
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ments by a specific effect on the medulla oblongata.
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in consequence to have favorable action at the hands
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to say coarsely granular and without demonstrable nuclear structure and
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acter of the case this is a very serious consideration
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the operation to be resorted to instead of tonsillo
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countries. It ascends through the temperate regions
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is probable that power will be obtained by sanitary
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cannot be passed without notice though this present
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reported 767 cases as against 382 in the same period
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exclusive corporation is essentially and organically a part
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most of the cardiac area the heart sounds are normal
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the last ten years ending with 1892 the percentage of
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damage to tissue and immobilization of limbs. On the other hand the men
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sisting as it did of certain arrogant claims of ability
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a great increase in the number of cases has been re
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unknown. Thus in nephritis the condition of the kidney was deduced from
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sixth dorsal is followed by removal of the pancreas
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spinous ligament was now divided at the bottom of the
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was absent providing artificial respiration was main
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was earned by violation of the laws of health and maat
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In 1898 the obstetrical clinical instruction issued its last flicker dying
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to menstruate. In those cases where I have succeeded
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ried in a month or two no treatment was begun for about
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infectlona dlseasea small poz meaialea diphtheria and croap
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towns included in A was pretty sure to be followed by
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itself was obstmcted by a plug of pus situated above
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ently regular inhabitant of the pharynx and that it
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events it is certainly true that its action in this regard
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tion of the right iliac fossa revealed no tenderness or
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Bigelow Sr. before fixing upon the terms which will be
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individual to an increase in diet suggests that the differences found in the
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from the Medical School in 1864. During the war of the Rebel
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morphosis. The tissue beneath shows evidence of the
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the ulna did not articulate with the carpus and that
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Case of Curious Deformity of Ulna following Injury.
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by settling the following questions in the order named
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Mitchell Clark reports two cases of failure the only
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an acidosis associated with all acute fevers and caused by increased katabolism
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Professor UBBAN Pritchard said this subject had always been interesting to him.
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where the trouble instantly suggests the appropriate
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seen an incipient hypertrophy or a prostatitis removed
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to bestow which is needed for the development of that in
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disease is a disease which exists by itself and is not
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chart and are of great practical value. In making the


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