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focal symptoms e. g. scotoma hemianopsia hemiparesis and
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Most of the instruction to the mother regarding the care and feed
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examination at the place selected toy the applicant.
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type characterised by absolute aplasia of the thyroid
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of remediable physical defects which hamper growth. This condi
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site of the portal vein. Numerous glands of deep red color blocked
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was engaged as messenger boy. He followed this occupation for
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because edema of the leg made growth into the vena cava probable
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tion in an individual because of the absence of ob
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ray of science and valuable suggestions for rational treatment
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pernicious anemia was not certain 2 of which made apparent cures.
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is found on examination to be increased in hardness as a diseased
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tion to the necessity of starting anti rabic treat
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The same conditions were found most commonly as the diagnosis
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was reduced to a single large cyst containing bloody
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physician s attention from the care of carious teeth
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The work of Councilman is among the few in which a study of
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the glands of the neck were tender and enlarged and the abdomen
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or less nil. This would seem to afford a satisfactory
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Occasionally there is reluctance to accept a diagnosis of post
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but because he could not bring his will to the point
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group the treatment of which at least today cannot be considered
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fact even as late as 1882 Zeissl diagnosed only one case of syphilitic
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June 12 1912. A special rt.iss of defectives where the mental
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Society I apprehend to gather up the fragments that nothing
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from a postoperative diarrhea and in a sixth aiul seventh to broncho
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results of the Wassermann and the luetin test revealed the fact
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case of advanced gout and chronic nephritis. The sudden onset
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They do not follow the chronic lesions resulting from the passive
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sleep tea and coffee or what Now is the occasion to stress the
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record this fact is something I am unable to understand.
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appears to be the fact that its oils in enormous dose
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whether hernia is present or not preferably avoiding
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funeral sermon. From what little has come down to us it
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From the results of our studies we venture the following con
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The ordinary ariety ripens in from seventy five to ninety days.
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ciliation and arbitration are the methods employed. The attorney
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a gland from above his clavicle under a local anesthetic.
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them therapeutically practical and commercially pos


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