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The metabolism of lime salts is believed to be controlled by the endocrine

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in which they partook of a supper of sweets ices and

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size of the organ. This results in a ragged looking

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inspire a more intelligent interest in their care and

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At the divisional commanders conferences before an attack on Lens in 1917

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in this country. Whatever may be our belief as to the

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tis with or without catarrhal discharge in prolonged

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died two years ago at the age of sixty six years after

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micturition conjunctivitis especially in the spring muscular pains and nervous

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cease. Clinically after the most severe operations are finished if the patient

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The general lymphatic hyperplasia was due both to the

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medical profession to the community which it serves. The book is therefore

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PATIENT a female aged 30. The condition was first noticed in September

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obtained in cases submitted to it since July 1 1921.

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says it is decidedly of greater value than lactic acid.

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ment narcotics shall be judiciously used to allay any pain

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Some Points in the Technique of Bone grafting with a

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each assistant has worked up to his position and is well

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Skiagrams taken of either side showed the three unerupted teeth in the

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ing of a very typical kind and of which we are begin

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w scientific principles by competent and skilled fitters who are

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anterior surface especially over the upper two thirds

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sistent psoas contraction. When first seen about two

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This practice is open to criticism it seems to ate not

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The quarterly official return of births registered during the June quarter of

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Both of these mistakes could have been easily avoided

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duced between the layers of the pulp or by interweaving

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always close but the ureters do not close so kindly

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Philanthropy Section HI Chicago June 12 to 17 1893. Edited

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tomical counterpart of a perineum. From this basis all

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remained in the right lobe. The stringy mass already

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sinus by means of curetting cauterization and various

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inhibito secretory centre of the liver in the medulla

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masses of growth can be seen in the bigger vessels entirely surrounded by

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ered. Then the counsel in the case turn over the pages of

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insidious. They are so because of the youth and ac

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of circulating lymphocytes l and that a second exposure has no effect upon

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all this disturbance disappeared. She could remember her symptoms what

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future the recruiting medical officer must be something more than the hide

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similarly to those in the Gynaecological Section. The first jar contains the

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In practice whether debated accepted or declined on any of its attributes

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tion of the physician is given the offender rather than

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the present time in all the hospitals and clinics in

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diseases have their birthplace exterior to the human

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pies in relation to every well to do family. The vast

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think the associations he has given were necessarily from the unconscious.

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gether to retain them so by means of a strip of the material

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known that nausea in the early months was often due

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from acute diseases such urines are very frequently

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registration while other States having about as many

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of sensitized vaccine of type No. 1 Streptococcus pyogenes given bypodermi

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wanders through the valley at the foot of the Tita

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vessels contract. In haemorrhage blood pressure falls from the first and an

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movable apparatus that changes its height in accordance

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