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disease although the recovered ones are left with de

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infarction and necrosis is evidently of older date than

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followed by very little reaction or pain and each case

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he has seen better correction by means of this appliance

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second flagellum projects laterally from the cytostome is much thicker and

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per cent. She developed marked anasarca and finally

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of introducing into the study and treatment of dis

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boiled and had thereby been turned into a black powder. The fresh chocolate

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this operation should not be chosen in preference to

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leg was two inches shorter than the left the abdomen

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the bladder was run off and commencing from a median vertical incision

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the latter became President he gave him a position as

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period she had become the mother of three healthy children.

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sis in case the bulk of pressure was brought to bear

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which desquamative material protruded it was obvious that the cholesteato

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cluded on finding in earth taken from the surroundings

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the fundus of the uterus. On breaking up these adhe

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Mr. WILKINSON in reply said that he had received kind encouragement from Sir

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has been made perfect to the utmost of their extent

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decided to wait and advise operation during an interval

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ably far too wide. At the lower limit given the oper

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cals NetB England Medical Monthly and The Prescrip

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extending a water pipe to the river and supplementing

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provisions of the act of Congress approved June 30 1882 is

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line. Matters that suggest themselves as needing first

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begun over antrum after going through about in. of dense bone antrum

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An illustration from some of the statistical tables in the Keport of the

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The patient from whom this specimen was removed was admitted to

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pressure with pads of sterilized gauze wrung out of

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very interesting in connection with the condition found

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large doses be given it impairs the irritability of

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ing its spread which we may carry out as individuals.

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four weeks since the operation was done and already this boy though only

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the breast that three years of immunity after opera

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flexed. The wound was closed in the usual fashion by

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of secondary glandular involvement. For carcinoma of the tongue he practised

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Air spaces are difficult to produce accurately. The walls are liable to

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girl with infrequent attacks of epilepsy and great de

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no objection to trying the methods which may be called

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adequately appreciate his profound joy his daily delight

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intestinal lesions strikingly similar to those described by Sir Arthur Keith in

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the finest physically and if civilization has reached

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continaally trying to extinguish imaginary fires rescu

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The reports of the microscopical examinations kindly made for me by Mr.

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A corollary to these regulations is the compulsory re

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flowed its banks and subsequently exposed an expanse

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and especially those of Aix les Bains in Savoy have

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syphilis influences the birth rate and infantile mortality in a different and much

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in treating fractures of the femur in children. The

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A condition not now often obvious was formerly of serious clinical

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his findings were confirmed by Lenhossek and others. It soon became evident

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therefore not be available for the hypercalcifying the teeth.

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centa there lay in the end of the tube implying that

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extra uterine adenomyomata which belong to the domain of gynaecology I

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the abdomen was found to be somewhat distended with

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possible protected from pollution by human excreta

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plication. Excessive pulling upon the cord sometimes

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tion on the ground that the comments of rivals and of

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and absolutely prevents its slipping during the ap

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quoted as being those for which woman herself is largely

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delegate to International Unitary Conference in Paris France.

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Prof of Clinical Medicine and Therapeutics at the Post

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ley with regard to the action of animal food in in

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insular medical services and the tropical schools of England and 3 an


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