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cavity as were also spleen pancreas stomach and entire

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The other serious drawback to this operation is the mortality. It is

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four inches long was made two inches to the left of

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lescent. These cases as far as they go show that the

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means of tubes or of gauze or of both the toxic pro

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cytium of Sertoli cells. The interstitial tissue consists of a very vacuolated

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simplified by the use of wood or vulcanite specula and retractors and increasing

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organs and tissue between the fields of the alienist

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area where the majority of roads converged. On another occasion tbe problem

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is already none too attractive. It now has six vacan

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in a normal person the percentage amount of reducing sugars is remarkably

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bone and joint tuberculosis were similarly treated

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larvae to swim freely and maintain themselves suspended in water.

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or in other words that alcohol intensifies the influ

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skin of the ends of the fingers was thick and cracked

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As to particular symptoms electricity had no effect

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and accurately differentiated on the various media.

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same mechanism as embolism following thrombosis in the leg and that the

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would not have justified an operation for its removal

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and the patient suffered no shock a large amount of

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believe that in these the surgical considerations should

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finished growth. Eodent incisors are obviously unsuitable the pulp enlarges

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approached the periphery were partially filled with a

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panties may be done in stone bnt little boys without

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as senior house officer. The house patients were 206

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older methods yielded a positive result only if there

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constructed that ordinary injuries do not produce ca

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the winter of 1896 97 before tbe College of Physicians of Phila

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paresis Dr. Granger said he agreed very closely with

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color and excessively distended. Deep in the pelvis

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size of a silver dollar irregular in outline and painful on

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erated and requires treatment of as definite a nature

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reactions in the diagnosis of functional or hysterical deafness no dubiety can

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bacillus is present in some very mild cases of diphtheria

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lay this memento of a friend of many years upon his bier.

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figures which demonstrate how the urea concentration in the urine varies

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and chronic nephritis glycosuria and uraemia amp c. On the other hand the

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intravascular clotting did not follow the intravenous injection of thrombin a

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vaginal wall adjacent to the external os likewise alcer

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during apparently normal labours suggests the need of caution in drawing

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Children s Diseases. 15 Routh Amand Royal Commission on Venereal Diseases 1914. 16

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a way that the rotation of the vertebrse are increased.

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very rare as this was the first of the kind he had ever

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the first forty eight hours by a skilful surgeon will

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in winter. It is usually obstinate and it may last for

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those cases which are what is called true bleeders

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and Director of the Medical Clinic in Rome is to edit

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The process is reversed by removing the hydrostatic

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the blood remaining unchanged except in extreme conditions. Except in

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six children out of fifty nine in a village where there

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medical attendance should it have been suddenly de

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sicians and Surgeons of New York etc. Stenographic reports.

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from any cardiac complication. However this may be


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