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quarter inches from the spine one half inch below the

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ing on during lactation. At the time of first blood count

what is valium commonly prescribed for

was a direct auto infection producing tuberculous dis

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by some observers Dobson Bently Squire and Myers but MacLean would

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etloeatlon Ingalls E. F. 51 the Army Medical School at Wash

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In addition to the foregoing cases the authors have

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Vattry MM li lj amp CO. laio OhutAul St. PHILADELPHIA

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deeply congested. In two cases the pericardial sac was

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strict sense of the word to be observeil but I am in

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nected with the care of the sick that it can he read

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practice the necessity foe antisepsis does not seem to be

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size the tails are imperfectly formed and fewer spermatocytes show the

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the legislature to it would be to make it worse than it

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years ago the woman first noticed an enlargement of

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ported apon is found to be good so that the state of

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about the dimactric period but the influence of that

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may change the physiological into the pathological.

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more than once such as those with enlarged prostate in which a preliminary

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the superior strait is perfect. 3. That while in relation

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the three cases which I show the hsemorrhagic infarc

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size after six months treatment. The results in other

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fine lipoid granules are seen between the embryonic epithelial cells of the

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every day. Discbarge is decreasing and cavity becom

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u See dlMunlon between Oley and Monuo Comptea B ndas

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been obviated by elongation of the tendo Achillis and restoring the normal

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fair position though one strong band of adhesion on

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after consultation with the best authority in clinical

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of our forbears is less often overlooked and medical

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lenoocytosU bat not greater than that present in the

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been through such a strenuous trying and exhausting five years but happily

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and there has not been recurrence of the serious at

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toms of erysipelas. Typical cases begin with a chill and

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He divides the disease into three forms 1 constita

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individual cases of scoliosis the results would be better.

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Recurrence of obstruction in four weeks. Specimen.

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The practical difficulty lies in obtaining complete and accurate hourly specimens

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In the long respite from malarial diseases which is

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more efficacious than calcium lactate or possibly both these drags might

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erties of absinthe and its congeners 452 the Brandt method of

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to open labyrinth b pin passed into internal auditory meatus a mastoid

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nothing to indicate any change in the marrow of the

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for an instant to be doubted that both syphilis and

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hernial sac and a very peculiar condition of things

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ning in the right linea semilunaris over the usual seat

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tinctive point the growth in litmus bouillon which at first

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simpler method could sometimes be kept open only by

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plotted are seen to present an equally characteristic

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The changes in the ovaries constituted the phenome

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of having injured his right side while playing with


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