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he has got thinner recently. No blood or mucus noticed in stools.
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continued without suffering or interfering with the
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Male aged 25. History of polypus removed from left ear.
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in its incision avoid as much sacrifice of its wall
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tions of erysipelas. American Journal of Medical Sciences
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crease in the white was held to constitute leuctemia.
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as a matter of form and the rules absolutely forbid any
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the Elebs Loffler bacilli were then demonstrated al
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piration. The difficulty with artificial respiration
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population has with the exception of a single death
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variably turned the patient upside down just as soon
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The dancing mice of Japan show phenomena which may quite possibly be
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that certainty in the matter that I could venture to
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Exclusion by a patient and her relatives cannot be regarded as singular
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ings finely printed upon super calendered paper and bound
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limb in order to avert the chance of suffering from
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reality fulminating pulmonary tuberculosis. 1 plead guilty to first recognizing
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easily recalled and which when it is recalled appears without distortion the
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abscess. On admission cough was distressing and the sputum copious. On
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is a small area of dulness and a sense of resistance
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victorious over every foe are now frequently vanquished
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vania Railroad Company has sent oat a special train
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best university life has come to be clearly recognized by
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Graves s disease. It would seem that sometimes this
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cations. If you try to cauterize it anything of that
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denied dysentery but who had had ulcerative colitis treated in England five
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pilgrims landing at ports of the Persian Gkilf be estab
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Faust states that these papillae are perforated. I fail to detect any opening
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therefore the intra abdominal pressure is likely to be higher than in pregnant
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From the mass of evidence available certain salient facts emerged. Evi
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should not physicians also partake of this new anodyne
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Six weeks from the operation the boy was discharged
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kept in such close quarters for the past forty eight
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is flexeril and valium the same
lasting a day at a time. Micturition has been frequent
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rigidity had entirely disappeared leaving all four ex
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severe post partem haemorrhage one had a very diffi
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salt and having many uses. The fixed lime has passed through this embryonic
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trating urea was not restored to a normal figure while they were under
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been 425 000 white and 880 000 red and on the second
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maximum concentration. If this is over 2 per cent the kidneys are probably
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to give in the interests of the public the professional
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more completely pushing upwards the outer part of the peritoneum and
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this is also a went as a prosaic rehearsal of the differ
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study necessary before graduation. This measure went
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local foci of suppuration the explanation is twofold.
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phosphoid elements of the brain the nerves the higher organs of


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