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the bacillus coli communis with reference to their vari

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epithelial cells consisting mainly of nucleus with a well marked chromatin

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The collection is of especial value as demonstrating

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We know that cases of zymotic disease are much more

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to say that this reasoning should be used only with

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connected with both the homolateral and contralateral side of the body mus

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Worcester lynn Mew Bedford Chelsea Pittsfield and Everttt

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developed a sore throat. Bacteriological examination

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effects of the blow have passed away and before the

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dered as fruitful as possible this pecularity in its

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production of deformity but the joints are still lax and only perfect bone

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what happens if you take 8 valium

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early cannot be taken as a sign of any analogous pro

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exceptional data of deliveries which show results that

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In this the patient may either stand erect or be aided

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A simple calculation will suffice to show that these

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fascia the external and internal oblique muscles trans

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affected limb is an arm then the cavity in the cord is

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ble it is for the bacteriologist who works with patho

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however incontestable that before the war France was economically one of the strongest

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the nurse and with equal scrupulousness to the patient.

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be made accessible to the present generation who can

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to life both of which are already negatived by anesthesia

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the generous givers to the higher education among the

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nation with sulphate of magnesia is often indicated.

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opposite directions and lying side by side for most of their length occasionally

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side of the body face arm and leg and complete motor

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demic in Chicago is at present assuming most threat

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years. Before I heard Dr. Gay s paper 1 had arranged

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sole which is straight on the inside. In cases with

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This was determined by the introduction of the finger

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Costa Rica they fouud a body of American prisoners

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Several inferences may justifiably be made. A diet deficient in vitamin B

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ao enlarged heart in which hypertrophy was the essen

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logical changes either macroscopic or microscopic could be found in the

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sympathetic nervous system which should bring about a contraction of all the vessels

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to interfere with the patient s living and althongh

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qaestions. The interest of the subject is so great that

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The first group contains the twenty one cases which eventually did badly.

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removes absolutely the tell tale thud thump and flop which are

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at i o clock his remains were taken to the Church of the

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of the psychopathogenic details of each individual case.

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flexed at right angles. Plastic operation carried out February 17 1920 web

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appearance of the secondary sexual characters which it has been proved they

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when weight is thrown upon the foot. It is also ad

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case they persisted about six weeks in another about

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to prevent a local infection becoming general and lead

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forty three. Even making due allowance for the fact that hospital treatment

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T he bacteriological department is in two large rooms on

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may be partly or wholly transformed into a cyst. All

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tion that it lay close to the genitals. The clothing

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in which the bladder appeared that made me devise some procedure by which

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and acromegalic pituitary gland was necrosed and its

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become occluded either by inflammatory processes or

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genital and often familial peculiarity and is not in itself evidence of disease.

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European models his matter except in descriptions of

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rhage in excisions of the upper jaw does not exceed

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determined age which apparently varies greatly in different individuals the


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