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the progeny resulting from the union of such individ

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border of the right sterno mastoid beginning just be

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when he fell to the floor in his office. He had a general

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completely organized. The compounds are more active and at the same time

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also an extensive haemorrhagic infiltration of the peri

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the reflexes and that a critical examination be made

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For this purpose I use a prepared wool which has the

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bank moreover that his cases were for the most part

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presence of other bacteria in association with the diph

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the basis of the theory appears to be that the che

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and in females it is quite liable to follow the condi

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and kept our real condition as far as possible from our

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are even now at work and are bringing the culmination of

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was due to concussion either of the auditory nerve or

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it to be assigned as the one cause of death. It was

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ment. This appeared as an ill defined rounded fluc

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Eocher and Reverdin recognized the identity in symp

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moles specimens and casts to demonstrate utero foetal adaptation the

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ful case request a consultation with some older practitioner

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Buttersack first tried it on blood globules and certain

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the cases gave rise to some valuable remarks. Thus Mr.

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of sulphonal there would be a wonderful recovery rate in mental hospitals. He

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without an official charge being made against him or

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faces with lohich the powder is intended to come in

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haemorrhage. I well remember the interest excited by Ehrlich s discovery

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the most successful treatment of cancer affecting the

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thyroid has led to great improvement and even cure of

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fore anaesthesia should be at least supervised by an

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followed by section at juncture of medulla and cord

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ophthalmoscopy and reveal conditions which were invisible with the present

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The following named officers of the medical department are

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die influenza has been violently epidemic at Genoa.

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cerebellum off from the medulla and its side line not

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twenty six and G. D. great great grandson six years

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evacuations from the groin in twenty four hours. Is

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A Mandible from a Bronze Age Barrow at Portland Dorset.

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gested electricity the continuous current in obsti

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Operation by Dr. Fairbairn April 13 1921 As soon as the abdomen was

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operating. In my opinion this objection shows lack of judgment. Colectomy

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further treatment. I found that the urine was mark

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include many contributions from writers of wide celebrity and established reputation.

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that the condition was latent and that conception only was necessary to upset

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traced to some neglect of cleanliness on the part of

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in its course is very much discussed many think that

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growth occupying whole of macula complete detachment of retina no naked

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cent of sugar. Two hours later the sugar had disap

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The blood serum was prepared according to Loffler s

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production is regulated by the internal secretion of the

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present conditions these secondary infections are un

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dispense the sulpho ichthyolate of ammonium as this

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other than tuberculosis or to cardiac disease. Leav

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