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Alt coiammieation for the Editor and all bookt for revievi ihotUd
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employment of the urea concentration test. A concentration below 2 per cent
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I have demonstrated satisfactorily an acute mechanical
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One specimen showed imperfectly developed tubules similar to but not identical with
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on the catheterized side. Delay in the appearance of the dye is only
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from her mouth the respiration still being shallow and
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is very difficult to judge of the amount of hypertrophy
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widespread error is a relic of mediaeval ignorance
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best situation for the injection is the anterior ab
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diminished renal function obtained from chemical tests must always make
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writers and authorities upon Medical Jurisprudence in America
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burdensome that relief is imperative. I need not go
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four died in a few weeks and all were filled more or
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often dates back many years and is extremely untrust
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starting point in many of these cases of a downward
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ring pessaries and as their principle seemed to me to
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and the features expressionless. In the early evening
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of the work and has told the Board of Health that the
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to colotomy. 1 have always done the lumbar colotomy.
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makes life unbearable while not demanding operation
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parathyroid insufficiency and tetany seems to point to the fact that this gland
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narrow and quite flexible saw lay it as flat as possible
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inferior dental regional anaesthesia and the sockets immediately packed fairly firmly
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claimed that it is caused by endometritis the asser
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secoodary to valvular disease or renal sclerosis and
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would stimulate the inhibito secretory centre and moder
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If we claim that there is a special tract for pain we
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organic derivative of arsenic pentoxide. It has bow
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walls of the intestine were greatly thickened from hsem
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been detected without careful examination. Dr. Green
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the protective influence of vaccination fades sooner
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an eruption which at first consists of a spot of about the
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generations recently reported in this column have their
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The treatment is palliative or radical. I think that
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The Morbid Histology of the Testes in Dementia Prsecox.
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diseases have their birthplace exterior to the human
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can be clearly shown to depend upon definite lesions
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has occurred in early life that is between the ages of
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will give a bad prognosis another may take a less serious view.
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Mr. Editor It is with indignation tliat all lovers of
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New London N. H. During the war he served in the Eleventh
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that pregnancy salivation is apt to resist remedies.
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In all these cases the testicles appeared normal on examination.
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