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presents dispersed lesions such as cysts of small volume

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in a healthy looking man twenty seven years of age.

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observation was confirmed by pathological examination when the eye was

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ing soggested metbods for carrying into effect an inquiry

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cause the author is announced as an assistant of Professor

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the same except that the macular region was a slaty

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mint and indicates its nature also by action of the

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has nearly ceased. The great probability is that she will

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suprameatal triangle and its immediate neighbourhood and after the antrum

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It held for three days the viscus gradually becoming

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anuria. If such a diagnosis is made early the imme

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designated for certain hospitals and the expenses of

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during his last illness failing to more than mitigate

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mechanism actuated by hydraulic force necessarily takes away much and

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one example will suffice. A slightly flattened pelvis in a short statured vigorous

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Flattened Papular Condition of Conjunctiva of Right Upper Lid.

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refusal without additional fee and thereafter be may be ex

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induction by the exuberance of Csesarean section are exposed to vivid

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The septum is the seat of ulcerations which used to

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Si udder O. L. Cases of abdominal surgery occurring in the prac

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Legislatures are slow to act when definite tangible

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several English German and Swiss hospitals and sanatoria I was able to read

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as statistics show and which cannot be diagnosticated

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hanging by a slender thread from middle of fifth finger

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to justify their insertion under the title of this paper.

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and rapidly however until now her condition is very

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side of the pelvis was similarly packed with gauze

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last March with a catheter lodged in his urethra at the

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also proven the existence of similar cases. A certain

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those discharged recovered. Macphail thinks there is

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prophylaxis and only very casual reference is made to

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not been completely calcified as sections cut without decalcification show the

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be appointed to fill tliese vacancies at a lower cost the

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Although some good results have been noted after a partial operation I

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rigid OS uteri prolonging the first stage of labor

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The vessels in the spleen which is also hypertrophied likewise undergo hyper

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the view that the condition present is that of alkalosis. MacCallum supposes

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ing granules of regular size on the surface. This does

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finally to the recognition of the falsity of the clin

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let a case of appendicitis run its course without opera

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appendix for the pain can sometimes be elicited in patients whose appendix is

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ones which in my opinion justified resort to laparot

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Secretary of the Treasury for special duty. January 26 1894.

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numerical severity of the cases of tachycardia then

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fibroids by X rays is quite unjustifiable. Apparently a small uncomplicated

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by a determined lighting and struggling to lose himself in

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packed with iodoform gauze. After ten days the cavi

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tenement house boarding house or hotel or unless the at

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severe an operation as an abdominal section however

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a half inches of shortening always and the subsequent

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flexible bat not so firm and it is liable to recurrent

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In the thirty three greater towns of England and Wales with

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with its taking an active share in the formation of cal


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