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two of tuberculosis of the kidney and one of general

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kept ill unnecessarily long through the action and re

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tbe patient treated with iron and the various emmena

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toxic effect on the hepatic parenchyma but cause no pathological changes in

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While it is not claimed that these four women were true cases of

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in cases of general pruritus. They may afford some tem

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finally he slumbers peacefully with his head on the

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have required packing and in the majority of them calcium lactate was not

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occasionally seen picking of the nose aud more often

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melts in the spring and there is at certain periods

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dermoid or with a malignant tumour. If innocent it was probable that the

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which probably found its point of entrance in the tis

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local page at any time a notice with cut of your institu

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attack of colic daring which her medical attendant

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pacity for closing a partial defect than is commonly

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Torki the number of deaths per day being less during

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the left groin returned shortly after her discharge

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protein metabolism of the mother and which would eventually be excreted as

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A vertical incision was used ihree inches long from

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nonrishment without great difficulty from the first.

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tional methods I believe an immense deal of good can

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the combined difficulty which I believe was somewhat

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soggy and full of pultaceous faecal material. Tbe partial successes and failures

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woman is anything that approaches moribund is almost

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There has been some discussion lately upon the effect of radium locally

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The nezt lecture will be given on Wednesday evening April

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purpose therefore the otolith apparatus and its connexion is developed.

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in extreme old age vide fig. 1 Plate IV and sometimes when spermatogenesis

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tube. The radium tube soon became anchored within the abdominal cavity

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obstructions described frequently exist in acute general

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not met with an instance of cure following its nse

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cusp well marked and three exceptionally well marked.

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greatly swollen particularly on the left side making

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prostate. Indeed for such cases the test might be discarded altogether. At

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for an instant to be doubted that both syphilis and

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ill and neither fresh air exercise nourishment sleep

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and casts in the urine for some time. Those have now

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Daels operation. I think this operation opens up a new field of possibilities

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spent life that his fellow beings are the better for his

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exercised in the examinations and careful records are

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easier the goal is reached and the less the force that

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medical profession is being made. A circular contain

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ing to the nervous system and very distressing to bear.

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freshen their recollections. 2 and 3 Collections of plaster of Paris casts of

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perfect consciousness intervening after the stunning

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removed leaving a shell of bone with the periosteum.

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quired for this is not stated. It must depend upon the

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sought for iu all doubtful cases. To insure against a

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Dr. Stuart informs me that subsequent to the iritis he

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ditions placed in two or more categories were present

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left of the line of the nipple. Irregularity of the

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either locally in the gastric mucous membrane or at a distance. But the

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course the same as when the initial lesion is situated

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ostoses project into the passage and frequently obstruct

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infectious throat disease. To those of us who have so

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tion of the sub pericardial haemorrhage. The papillary

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flexion or extension of the leg aggravated the con

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mixing in the bulb is the difficulty with which the

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sponds more easily to the facts in the present instance

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is an additional recommendation of its value. The illustrations


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