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said that speaking as a physician owing to the comparative Frequency of

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Medical Department of the Army as delegates to the Association

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That it does away with the trouble of Pajot s Smith s or

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protoplasm is very granular. The granules are large and this gives the glands

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supervene which are attributed to a fault of accommo

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why they should not occur as frequently after the artificial menopause

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the laboratory worker. But eventually the tests to be chiefly adopted in

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by the very disease that we propose to treat. There

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The exudate was largely fibrinous with but little puru

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origin has two fundamental characters the lower ex

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marriage from prudential reasons with conduct strictly moral while unmarried

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standard are we to consider as the approximate normal and what divergence

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ation of an annual premium paid by the owner tenant

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to the unity of diabetes. It is complicated. It is based

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it seems best in a hospital. Such is the routine of the

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iodide. Earlier administration of the double iodide might prove harmful owing

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Bty of Minnesota have extended the course of study in the

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first the desquamation was increased but soon began

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negative. Never had a blow or fall. Denies venereal

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ing Dr. Allen saw the case with me and discovered a

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found in the transitory glycosuria of pregnancy. These were obtained by

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case more or less fleshy sometimes giving the impres

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It serves in the first place to facilitate the identifica

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the latter pond is only a few hundred yards from Spy

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but soon regained the loss. It is possible that water

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dissecting room. There is a great deal in this work

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In endeavouring to come to some conclusion as to the best methods for

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is avoided. Still Price has collected 30 cases of re

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times a minute. She says she always breathes in this

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They are exceedingly vascular the vessels are often dilated and varicose and

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sufficiently another correction is made in the splint.

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years ago. I have two or three patients now who have

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minutes. The cadaver presented the penis in a state

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monia shows a marked increase in white cells. I pub

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phenol sulphone phthalein and blood urea tests. Amongst bodies of which

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there is one such it is beyond question the enforce

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The Committee have examined the specimen submitted to them and are

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Medical School but no distinction has been made and

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symptoms which he complained of before the operation

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signs of retention of urea amp c. Degeneration has therefore advanced a long

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pears early the following table Keating and Edwards

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tion at which a science of the widest usefulness to

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coltj in determining the diagnosie with accuracy. I

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there seemed to be a line of resistance but this was

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beneficial as a means of dealing with ascending infections for as we have

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the evidence that excretory cells are active agents is complete. But they are

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which the gall bladder is opened and the calculi re

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of puberty that we shall get a permanent and sponta

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Chemical Laboratory. The post mortem examinations for


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