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would doubtless have enabled this man to keep about

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by the pnblic authorities from two distinct sources.

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them They will simply open their purses like they did

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days now since my exposure which occasion had wholly

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to chronic nephritis and these tests are capable of showing that supposed

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panied by an amount of suffering which was painful to

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other surgical operations some contamination of the

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beri the influence of tropical climates upon Europeans

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As a patriot he was a veteran of the army and navy and

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desirous of preserving such a trophy and although the

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there is little or no difficulty in obtaining good drainage slopes.

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weight falling upon this passes through the astragalus

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this investigation and particularly to inquire in such

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The patient made an uninterrupted recovery. A small

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ination as when the patient is told to bend forward

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sterilized gauze thrust into the wounds. The inter

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sion. Until twenty years ago he said specific urethritis

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thigh and other smaller lipomata previously. I transfixed and removed the

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years of age and there was reason to hope that with

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in this situation have been ascribed by some authors to

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Examination of the duct should also always be made

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much musculo glandular in its pathogenesis it seems

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following case quite unexpected improvement in the severe toxcemic symptoms

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seldom justified because in active inflammatory or obstructive cases the risks of

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the length of the appendix leaving the tip free. The

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ter. The patient loses only a part of the urine about

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of pus were more commonly seen at the internal auditory meatus. Fistulae

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mistaken diagnosis. This error may always be avoided

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rupture and had not recurred. On examination slight purulent discharge

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ment at each trial was accompanied by a look of fear

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Hospital March 21 1894 he had been shot with a small

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constitute the difficulty for I am uncertain whether even then the stereotyped

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head and clasping in its embrace an alarming proportion

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sensation as high as the margin of the ribs. Four days

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of this operation. Eclampsia occurred certainly twice and I believe three

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leucocytes were found in various parts of the paren

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there is a surface growth when this occurs it is a gray

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are also the hepatic veins. The lungs show the diffuse nature of the

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daily for several days that he would die and on one

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degeneration of the muscle. The other viscera showed

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law s delay should be a proverb and a threat against hon

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the anterior portion of the muscle which is made over

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tion. The presence of cysts of Entamoeba histolytica in the stools could only

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fed on corn or meal previously saturated with whiskey

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are other cases which only come under treatment after the acute symptoms

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In summarizing the appearances in this series of cases I shall leave out

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affected by childbirth. Two were my own operations

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can be demonstrated by accurate percussion practised

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getting ready to place on record their dissatisfac

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Dr. Logan Turneb President asked whether Mr. Davis thought the cerebellar

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stetrics or gyuaecology which I have seen about the

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