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Right ear Much offensive discharge no tympanic membrane. Granulation in

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vagina is not sufficient by itself but with the introduc

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This has thrown some unexpected light on the way in which the kidney

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precautions as before. Neither of these sockets required plugging.

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charitable institutions which received at the same time

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Dr. Zander has attained marked success in the treat

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As stated the changes of the prostate in the cases of

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allowed to settle but is constantly stirred up by municipal sweepers brushing

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through the vagina but pointed later in the left iliac

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in the latter are hardly ever called for in the for

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torbinate bone and sometimes when it is large passes

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ticated cases indicate the probability of a still greater

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incurables two charities for idiots sixteen general

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may take place directly through the eggs of the tenia

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htemoglobin bad not increased from 76 per cent. but

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sion of thigh and greatest tenderness on pressure just

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one of the Medical Officers of Health for the County of the City

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The next lecture will be given on Wednesday eTeaine Jaao

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laceration. As soon as the head has cleared the vulva

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slipped out the card is freed. This can be applied to

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being simple or sub simple and producing by constriction at their extremities

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does not require registration but simply attempts an

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tin mouth and pharynx thirst dyspepsia flatulence emaciation pain in the

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this land of ice and industry. Mere beauty needs no

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pug from the vagina no doubt coming from the cervix

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the finger near the base of the finger nail. At this

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it had that grayish base which is described in all these

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collected from each kidney and finally the blood urea is examined. If the

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used anaesthetics in the doses in which they were employed had little influence

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only in the cases of caries. He calls attention to the

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which were found to be of an inflammatory character

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constituents. For example Willis calls the cases of

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of the Society. The objections to this plan are the fol

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When they lay under the skin he thought that electrolysis was the better

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young girl seventeen years of age who had slept in the

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Boston Cincinnati and Cleveland 3 each Charleston Worces

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attempting to bite her. Child born with compact mass

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Diarrhoea is often present. In still other cases what

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in the new position is the most favorable result we can

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caaes where it occurs are in those months of pregnancy

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three years and who had had symptoms for a year before coming under

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which there was entire absence of the rosy tint between

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ried in a month or two no treatment was begun for about

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He was the father of sixteen children the oldest one

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tary Insurance a scheme 170 surgical treatment of crime 171

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seen through the microscope. The immediate effect is a manifest vigour in the

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mixture of gas in the apparatus becomes constant con

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mary cortical visual centres lie about the calcarine fissure

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record of emetine treatment before admission. It will be seen that there

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soaked tissue. In the other I found leuoocytosis and

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rapidly but painlessly increased. Daring the past six

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lower limb. The illustrations are beautiful. The dis

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ten years ago. He has already had five attacks sim

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Knight F. O. Shall anything be done by legal authority to pre

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instance the coils of small intestine were bound down

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his day to apply to it the epithet ultimum morient.

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properties so that its virulence is due to the figured

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discriminately the unprotected and is so fatal that in

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W a powerful effect in altering the condition of the

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bone in immediate relation with the false joint will be

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the progress of medical science. Such revision when

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to twenty drop doses three or four times in twenty

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