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In the second case we have at once and primarily an

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upper portion of the left kidney was perforated and

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describes nine cases of traumatic effusion into the

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In conclusion I may say first that as the mortality amongst illegitimate

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hear Dr. Vickery s paper. The subject is one in which

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hospital care and permitted to resume their business

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benefit of the ripe judgment which was the fruit of his

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since a marked feature of the phenomenon is its sudden appearance and

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corresponding to the vacuoles. Examination of the tubules with an oil

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ward and cast the first stone. Several have already

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broncho pneumonia no tubercle bacilli being detected during life but in many

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product of very variable and often sophisticated com

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divided between Catholics and Protestants and there

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inches long in the right flank starting two and three

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and as it seemed too soft for a myoma it was punctured

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measurements of the chest owing to its expansibility. If therefore we adopt

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time she began to be troubled with salivation. This

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epilepsia tarda. In a part of the cases the atucks in

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anastomoses not only between the very small branches

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ered. Then the counsel in the case turn over the pages of

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Cock up splint used for eighteen months and wrist and forearm treated by

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seemed favorable but three hours later the thermometer

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thickened vascular synovial membranes proliferation of villi cartilages showing

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thetic and analgesic but also antiseptic. It can be

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learn that even before the ovum reaches the uterus the

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about three inches in length was made over the most

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advice and consent of the executive council and not more than

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Bkkctoriclty. Electrical reactions and their value In diagnosis and

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be overlooked and in practice the problem is usually solved satisfactorily by

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and then attention was called to the medico legal interest

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removal of an impacted third molar in the quiescent stage can rarely be

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think fragments of cytoplasm of tissue cells but there are bodies in leishmaniasis

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occasionally can a small polygonal cell with pink cytoplasm and a round central

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of the soreness of the mouth and throat. Neither case had

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of alcohol in the ordinary.process of rotting a fact

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State on November 1 1921 Eight humerus linn and well developed

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oleum cadinum oleum terebiothinffi rectificatum pancreatinam

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looked upon as final if it does not we must at times

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inquiry at the hospitals especially devoted to the treat

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internal secretion and subsequent hypoglycemie. But

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absolutely prevented. When a patient is under efficient spinal anaesthesia it

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the back or side with feet elevated a little can swal

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All other diseases are constitutional and have three

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until the went into the country to take care of a pa

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appearance was not quite typical. Further cultures however showed that the

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ratio of sick to the total population is about one to five

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chemical rays and in this connection it is noticed that

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the question of the possibility of the period of the year

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appears an article entitled A Contribution to the Study

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as far as torcular herophili. Free bleeding obtained from this end of sinus.

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fills up the nostril completely so that in seeing this

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cemic results. Section of the cord between the fourth

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small the eyes turned somewhat to the right the left

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had been widely opened at the operation completely but gradually closed.


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